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Alita: Battle Angel - Movie Review

Alita: Battle Angel movie got its attention due to the most ambitious James Cameron. Many in India know and love him for the kind of visual Spectacle he brings on the silver screen. For me, it was also Robert Rodriguez’s name which compelled me to watch the movie. The trailer of this movie has set an expectation for an amazing cyborg action movie and it was fulfilled.  To read the complete review visit


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Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie Review

Once Wonder Woman was critiqued for showing Woman with a tiny dress and commenting about the creator being sexist. Oh! The irony, now the movie is being lauded for various reasons from being the most successful Superheroine movie which garnered over $100M in the first 3 days, being a first Superhero movie directed by a Woman and of course the saviour of DCEU after its miserable box-office failures with the last 3 movies.

Why Wonder Woman gained so much attention? 

Comparing this with one of the DC Animated Movies on Wonder Woman, I would say this movie is pretty much different and I have only read few of the Wonder Woman comics. Surprisingly this movie comes without much of the previous mistakes especially the Studio interference.

Well, Trailer of this movie infused so much attention in Movie lovers, DC fans and the so-called Comic lovers (Indian Comic fans would understand What I mean and not disrespecting actual comic book fans). The second reason being Rotton Tomatoes. When many saw the Tomatometer rating of whopping 93% they went gaga and started talking about the movie.

A Little Background:

Thymiscira an isolated land from the man’s world is ruled by Hypolita. Diana was brought into life from clay by the Greek God Zeus. When Diana showed interest in getting trained to be a true Amazonian she was refused by her mother Hypolita but when her aunt Antiope insisted on training her, Hypolita refused first then agreed to it. Diana never knew the reason for her birth or she is not aware of her actual powers. When an American Spy, Steve Trevor accidentally falls into the sea, Diana helps him. Steve was on a mission to stop the World War and Diana strongly believes Ares – The God of War is behind. She proposes to join Steve to go to the Man’s world and kill Ares to end the war. Did Steve stop the War? Did Diana find and Kill Ares? Who is Diana? All those questions are answered in 144 minutes movie.


Is the Movie worth all the hype?

It definitely is a good Origin Story for one of the most powerful DC Superheroine. Patty Jenkins is a key reason and in one of her interviews, she mentioned about empowering Woman through this movie with the central theme of the Movie being Love. She and the Screenplay Writer didn’t overdose on violence and cynicism but they delivered a pure superhero movie with positive vibes and effect.

Allen Heinberg’s Screenplay saved the movie a lot because without humour throughout the movie it would not have stood a chance for DC’s raw and gritty storylines. This movie has its flaws but Gal Gaddot’s innocence and charm rescue the movie. I was surprised to see people who screamed when Diana was on screen, they even screamed seeing “Wayne Enterprises”.

Chris Pine, on the other hand, plays the sidekick for Wonder Woman and also her Love Interest who guarantees us for adding more humour to the movie. The Amazons in the Movie are portrayed beautifully as fearless warriors. Robin Wright as Antiope was just perfect.

Well, with regards to Villians all of them did their part well but a serious back story was missing for two. They neither showed the need of destruction or power I cannot spoil much because that plays the crux of the whole story and the choices of villain cast did fantabulously well. Danny Huston, as usual, did his part well and Elena Anaya as Dr Meru or Doctor Poison is perfect and exceptional.

Be it Thymiscira or hideous 😛 London the camera and CGI played their roles to a great extent. Stunt sequence placed well and staged extraordinary need to be applauded for the crew’s hard work. Rupert Gregson-Williams BGM and the theme gives us goosebumps during the action sequences.



A Superheroine movie with little bloodshed and more of positive vibes with the theme of spreading the love (Irony) and stopping the war to bring peace to the man’s world. Assisted with the stunning CGI, breath-taking fight sequences and goosebumpy theme and music it should definitely be watched in theatres.

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Maanagaram – Movie Review

Most of us have relocated to the city for work and in spite of the fact that the city feeds us and helps us earn a living, we still curse it for various reasons. Most important of all people feel everyone has their own headache to handle and don’t help others. On these lines, the City (Maangaram) plays the lead in this movie and we are shown the people who are from different walks of life.

It is rather peculiar of the director to chose the city as one of the major characters in the movie and previously many movies tried to place the City Chennai as the hero but they either deviated from the plot or they show a different shade of the city.


I see this movie full of coincidences and ironies. From the first scene in which a wrong person is beaten up is also the place where three major characters coincidentally cross paths. In one another scene where two of the leads meet in a bus coincidentally. How these coincidences lead to confusions and How they come out of it? is the major plot. Interestingly the director weaved various plots and tried to connect all those different plots. It is really hard to do so for a debut but Lokesh Kanagaraj handled it rather brilliantly.

Music Director Javed Riaz did a wonderful job with BGM and RR. S.K.Selvakumar the cinematographer who tried to capture the nights of Chennai city in a beautiful way. Few disappointments I find are the stalking and too much of coincidences in the movie. Otherwise, it’s definitely a brilliant attempt.

Ramdoss (Munishkanth) has to be definitely mentioned for the comical role. He cracks you up with the dialogues and the body language. He eases the movie a bit with his role and hopes he does such good comical roles in future. He definitely has a unique style to keep up. Charlie yet again proved that he can carry any role with ease and he is still an underrated supporting actor who can reach heights if, proper roles are offered to him and he plays one of the pivotal roles in the movie. Sri and Sundeep Kishan (Yaaruda Mahesh fame) did their parts well. Sri always tries to sign the roles which have a strong plot and good role for him. Also as many movies, the director left it open ended for the audience to choose what they want to think rather than giving a proper climax which I liked actually.

Dialogues also get a Special mention because few are really piquing and sharp. One of my favourites: Sri:Enna ooru na idhu? oruthan road la adipattu kedandha kettka oruthan illa?”
Charlie:Namma ketrukoma sir?”

It ain’t a path breaking movie but definitely a good one which shouldn’t be missed. Do catch up the movie in theatres, You won’t regret. Happy Watching..:)

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Kuttram 23 – Movie Review

A novel adaptation isn’t new to Tamil cinema but the trend is growing recently in the Industry.Not many could bring in the feel of reading a novel to a great Movie watching experience but few, shine in doing that. Rajesh Kumar, who is the King of Tamil crime novels has lent one of his babies (Oops! Spoilers!) to director Arivazhagan.

A finely staged movie with perfection except for few flaws. I have read many of Rajesh Kumar’s novels and during my School days, we had a fan club for him. Trust me the conspiracies were amazing at that time and age. One predominant similarity in all his novels was the coincidence which will be definitely overloaded and How do coincidences happen often? pfft!


Arun Vijay perfectly blends into the role and I would say he have improved a tad bit in his acting and his Screen presence is amazing. Mahima Nambiar has got a role to act in the movie, she scores well too but I personally feel the Love portion could have been avoided in this serious film. It was too amateurish of having a heroine compulsory in the movie which goes as a side track and this particular sequence is also very common in Rajesh Kumar’s novels.

Vishal Chandrasekaran did a decent job and Thanks to the director for not adding too many songs in the movie, otherwise, it would have been like speed breakers. The cameraman has done a great job and the editor as well. Thanks to Stunt master Silva for sticking to the natural fighting sequences. After watching the likes of Bhairavaa and Singam it feels good to see a decent stunt sequence in a movie.

In spite of few flaws and few cringeworthy backward thoughts/dialogues, the movie is definitely worth a watch. Although I could not come to an agreement with the Societal pressure of having a baby. Having a baby is purely the choice of the couple. I also don’t understand What’s wrong with “Artificial Insemination” it is completely legal and why should it be wrong? When did they connect it with the “purity” of a woman with this thought?

Ah! Alright only now we have started accepting Adoption itself and it will definitely take another half a century for us to come to terms with Artifical insemination and sperm donation. We are not in the age of Kings to have a lineage to take kingship. Times has changed and we should evolve too. Again it’s my personal opinion and you are open to having your opinions.

Again it is not necessary for the directors to be Socially responsible but if, they are its good. A good movie to watch and do not miss it. Happy Watching.:)

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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru -Tightly knit craft

Spoilers Ahead!

New comers aren’t bad always, is yet again proved by Karthick Naren, Director of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru. For, a Movie to be successful, a good plot accompanied by good characters for the Script is important than choosing the Script for a Star. D16 proves to be yet another craft of Filmmaking, without much Marketing but Word of Mouth, which reached the masses.

Trailer was pretty much impressive which dragged me to Theaters to watch this Movie. Surprisingly many elements shown in the Trailer was different compared with the whole Movie. I’m unsure if, the Trailer was intentional, to confuse the audience or did the director change the plot? Only he knows the truth…


Movie starts with rain and a slowing car. A masked man comes out of the car. Inside the apartment we see a couple embrace themselves in intimacy. Later, we hear a gunshot from there, our Lead (So called) character shares his POV on the case which changed his life or Should I say got him retired from his work? When the flashback is revealed and the information which gathered are scattered but the Director here helps us to place them in Chronological order. When these pieces are put together the tension builds-up.

Director also brilliantly used certain Camera shots while jumping between flashbacks and the present. Supporting BGM and Camera are added benefits to such movies.

This movie is not about a Protagonist or an Antagonist. Its about the Point of View. Again the dialogue placed at the end of the movie talks more about this. Watch the movie for yourself to relish your brain’s capability.

As per Tamil Cinema equation, there are few plot holes in the movie and I wouldn’t rather complain about the Climax which is open to discussion but the Director played smart in placing the “Taking back the cap from the apartment” scene, should also have also been careful in fixing those Plot holes. Some may argue that it was to confuse us but still it doesn’t prove a point in the actual plot.

A very good Movie from a New-comer who haven’t learnt the art of Film-making from any reputed directors but self-learnt. Tamil Cinema has already produced such tasteful filmmaker in the likes of ManiratnamThyagarajan Kumararaja and few more. Let’s hope to see much more good movies from Karthick Naren and let Tamil audience award a Welcome bouquet to him in the form of Success.

D16 would definitely set a Trend in Tamil Film Industry, If, I am not wrong, and this Movie has definitely proved songs are not needed for Movies anymore and Tamil audience are likely to appreciate it and accept it.