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A to Z Blogging Challenge | E for Elongated man and Etrigan

Elongated Man


By now most of you would have known this guy from CW’s The Flash TV series. Yes, you guessed it right, the Private detective, he was thrown away from the Central City Police department for planting an evidence against the suspect of murder, which Barry found and testified against him. Which caused Ralph his job. Later, Ralph joins team Flash to save Central City from the Meta-humans. But that’s not the actual story from the Comics.

Ralph Dibny, fascinated by the Contortionists (An Acrobat capable of twisting their bodies into unusual positions) enquired about their feat of this abnormality. One thing he found common among them is that they drink a soda called Gingold (A drink made from a fictional fruit called Gingo, which allows the consumer the power of stretching). Once he found this, Ralph went on to study Chemistry and made a concentrated Gingo fruit extract which gave him the elastic power. On a plain sight, Ralph might look like an annoying creature but he lightens the mood during the serious hours and also values team play more than anything. Something quite funny about him is that when something goes wrong his nose twitches, which you can see on The Flash TV Series. He is also one of the prominent members of Justice League of America.

Some Reading and Watching Recommendations:

CW’s The Flash – From Season 4, Episode 4
Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer – In this Mini-series, they explored the emotional side of Elongated man and the bond he shared with his wife Sue. Do give it a read.
52 by Geoff Johns – This 4 part mini-series, focuses on the world were Bats, Supes and Wonder Woman were not present and sheds the focus on underappreciated characters of DC Universe.



One of the Hell’s demons whose body is merged with a human Jason Blood. During the times of darkness, Jason Blood calls upon Etrigan to fight them. Etrigan is also part of a team called Demon Knights which comprises of the heroes from Medival ages.

During the siege on Camelot (The Castle of King Arthur of Medival England) by an army of Demons, Jason Blood betrays the crown. Thus he was cursed with the immortality and the possession of Demon Etrigan by Merlin (A Powerful wizard in the Medival times). Thus, the story of Etrigan’s adventures starts. He also works with Justice League Dark team during the time of need.

Some Reading and Watching Recommendations:

The New Batman Adventures (Animated Series) – In the episode “The Demon within”
Justice League (Animated Series) – A Knight of Shadows (This episode, exploits the emergence of Ertigan)
Justice League Unlimited (Animated Series) – Kid Stuff and The Balance Episodes
Justice League Dark Movie
Demon Knights Volume 1 by Paul Cornell

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | D for Doctor Fate and Dead Man

Doctor Fate


Doctor Fate gets his/her power while wearing the “Helmet of Fate” which belongs to Nabu the wise. Doctor Fate mantle has been donned by many over the years but I will be writing about the first ever person who took the mantle. Kent Nelson, he is a son of an archaeologist father Kven Nelson. During one of their digs in Mesopotamia (Yes, you read that right, Kent was born in 1928) Kent opens the coffin of Nabu which kills his father. Nabu took pity on Kent and to repay his loss Nabu teaches Kent the Mystic Arts. The Helmet of Fate and the Amulet of Anubis will enhance the powers of Kent. Thus we see the beginning of Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

Some of his Powers and abilities without Nabu Talismans include Super Strength and Speed, Telepathy, Telekinesis (Moving objects with the power of the mind), Flight, Invulnerability, Mystical senses and much more. With the Nabu Talismans, the rage of powers differs and they include Invisibility, Time Travel, Damage resistance, Illusion casting, Memory erasing,  Immortality, Mystical bolts, Teleportation and much more.

Some Reading Recommendations:

Doctor Fate Volume 1 – Written by J.M. DeMatteis is a four-volume Mini-Series which gives you a glimpse of Kent Nelson’s last adventures and the next Doctor Fate’s introductions.
Immortal Doctor Fate by Martin Pasko comprises of the Adventures of Doctor Fate from the Bronze age
Additionally, you can watch Justice League Unlimited Animated Series to understand more about Doctor Fate.



Boston Brand aka The Deadman is a well-known Trapeze artist who was murdered by the members of League of Assassins. Upon death, the Hindu goddesses of balance Rama Kushna grants him the power to settle his score with his killer. Deadman is now one of the prominent members of Justice League Dark along with Constantine and others.

Some of his powers include Spectre, as a spectre Deadman has more Supernatural abilities and the most important one being possession. The power of deadman is strong that he could take total control of the host’s body. He is also invisible to most people except that of who possess powers as his.

Some Reading recommendations:

Deadman Volume 1 by Paul Jenkins
The Complete Collection of Deadman by Mike Baron. These two should get you started.
Watch Justice League Dark (2017) movie to understand more about him.

Few other Characters whom I considered for this post are:

Duplicate Girl – Who has the ability to split herself into an endless number of bodies.

Doctor Mid-Nite – Well, Dare Devil was copied from this character with few alterations and upgradations.

Damage – The Name explains it all. He is considered to be the son of Atom from Golden Age.

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