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A to Z Blogging Challenge | E for Elongated man and Etrigan

Elongated Man


By now most of you would have known this guy from CW’s The Flash TV series. Yes, you guessed it right, the Private detective, he was thrown away from the Central City Police department for planting an evidence against the suspect of murder, which Barry found and testified against him. Which caused Ralph his job. Later, Ralph joins team Flash to save Central City from the Meta-humans. But that’s not the actual story from the Comics.

Ralph Dibny, fascinated by the Contortionists (An Acrobat capable of twisting their bodies into unusual positions) enquired about their feat of this abnormality. One thing he found common among them is that they drink a soda called Gingold (A drink made from a fictional fruit called Gingo, which allows the consumer the power of stretching). Once he found this, Ralph went on to study Chemistry and made a concentrated Gingo fruit extract which gave him the elastic power. On a plain sight, Ralph might look like an annoying creature but he lightens the mood during the serious hours and also values team play more than anything. Something quite funny about him is that when something goes wrong his nose twitches, which you can see on The Flash TV Series. He is also one of the prominent members of Justice League of America.

Some Reading and Watching Recommendations:

CW’s The Flash – From Season 4, Episode 4
Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer – In this Mini-series, they explored the emotional side of Elongated man and the bond he shared with his wife Sue. Do give it a read.
52 by Geoff Johns – This 4 part mini-series, focuses on the world were Bats, Supes and Wonder Woman were not present and sheds the focus on underappreciated characters of DC Universe.



One of the Hell’s demons whose body is merged with a human Jason Blood. During the times of darkness, Jason Blood calls upon Etrigan to fight them. Etrigan is also part of a team called Demon Knights which comprises of the heroes from Medival ages.

During the siege on Camelot (The Castle of King Arthur of Medival England) by an army of Demons, Jason Blood betrays the crown. Thus he was cursed with the immortality and the possession of Demon Etrigan by Merlin (A Powerful wizard in the Medival times). Thus, the story of Etrigan’s adventures starts. He also works with Justice League Dark team during the time of need.

Some Reading and Watching Recommendations:

The New Batman Adventures (Animated Series) – In the episode “The Demon within”
Justice League (Animated Series) – A Knight of Shadows (This episode, exploits the emergence of Ertigan)
Justice League Unlimited (Animated Series) – Kid Stuff and The Balance Episodes
Justice League Dark Movie
Demon Knights Volume 1 by Paul Cornell

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Hope you liked the post. Do share your thoughts in the comment section. Ciao 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | D for Doctor Fate and Dead Man

Doctor Fate


Doctor Fate gets his/her power while wearing the “Helmet of Fate” which belongs to Nabu the wise. Doctor Fate mantle has been donned by many over the years but I will be writing about the first ever person who took the mantle. Kent Nelson, he is a son of an archaeologist father Kven Nelson. During one of their digs in Mesopotamia (Yes, you read that right, Kent was born in 1928) Kent opens the coffin of Nabu which kills his father. Nabu took pity on Kent and to repay his loss Nabu teaches Kent the Mystic Arts. The Helmet of Fate and the Amulet of Anubis will enhance the powers of Kent. Thus we see the beginning of Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

Some of his Powers and abilities without Nabu Talismans include Super Strength and Speed, Telepathy, Telekinesis (Moving objects with the power of the mind), Flight, Invulnerability, Mystical senses and much more. With the Nabu Talismans, the rage of powers differs and they include Invisibility, Time Travel, Damage resistance, Illusion casting, Memory erasing,  Immortality, Mystical bolts, Teleportation and much more.

Some Reading Recommendations:

Doctor Fate Volume 1 – Written by J.M. DeMatteis is a four-volume Mini-Series which gives you a glimpse of Kent Nelson’s last adventures and the next Doctor Fate’s introductions.
Immortal Doctor Fate by Martin Pasko comprises of the Adventures of Doctor Fate from the Bronze age
Additionally, you can watch Justice League Unlimited Animated Series to understand more about Doctor Fate.



Boston Brand aka The Deadman is a well-known Trapeze artist who was murdered by the members of League of Assassins. Upon death, the Hindu goddesses of balance Rama Kushna grants him the power to settle his score with his killer. Deadman is now one of the prominent members of Justice League Dark along with Constantine and others.

Some of his powers include Spectre, as a spectre Deadman has more Supernatural abilities and the most important one being possession. The power of deadman is strong that he could take total control of the host’s body. He is also invisible to most people except that of who possess powers as his.

Some Reading recommendations:

Deadman Volume 1 by Paul Jenkins
The Complete Collection of Deadman by Mike Baron. These two should get you started.
Watch Justice League Dark (2017) movie to understand more about him.

Few other Characters whom I considered for this post are:

Duplicate Girl – Who has the ability to split herself into an endless number of bodies.

Doctor Mid-Nite – Well, Dare Devil was copied from this character with few alterations and upgradations.

Damage – The Name explains it all. He is considered to be the son of Atom from Golden Age.

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Hope you enjoyed the post. Ciao 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | C for Constantine and others



A perfect anti-hero if we can call him. Most of us know this character based on the Film of the same name where Keanu Reeves was the lead, few might know him through the Constantine TV Series. The TV Series depicted the character right out of the Comics. Created by the legendary Alan Moore (The man who created V for Vendetta, Watchmen Series, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to name a few), John Constantine is a working-class magician, demon tricking con artist and an occult detective.

He is a foul-mouthed, cynical and a Chain smoking grey character. A True Anti-hero if you want to call him. John Constantine is part of a team called “Justice League Dark” which deals with Mystical and supernatural threats. Most of this team members are underrated due to their lesser appearance in the Mainstream comics. John Constantine is highly underrated even though he has magical powers and Con artists who manipulate the devil himself.

Some Reading Recommendations:

John Constantine: Hellblazer Volume 1: Original Sin
Justice League Dark

Captain Atom:

Captain Atom

Nathaniel Adam/Captain Atom is a United States Airforce officer during the Vietnam era. He undergoes an experiment in order to save his head from execution for the crime he was framed. During that experiment with an Alien Metal. It melted into his body and he was sent to the 20 years in the future, which also gave him a Silvery skin with strange extraordinary powers. Like Red which consists of Animal lives and Speed Force which manages time, Atom belongs to a Quantum Field.

Some of his Powers and abilities include Quantum field manipulation which allows him to manipulate various sources of energy and matter, Invulnerability which we can simply put he is indestructible he also is highly resistant to various degrees of damage from energy, heat lasers, missiles, warheads and much more. In one of the future timelines in Earth – 22, Toyman created a rocket to destroy kryptonite meteor in the space (Of course you know Sups is allergic to Kryptonite), The Rocket might destruct half the Earth if it hits the meteor when it is in close proximity. Captain Atom takes the rocket into space when it collides with the meteor he absorbs the entire kryptonite energy and becomes Kryptonite man for a brief period of time. Superhuman endurance, Energy projection and Manipulation, Vast Superhuman strengths, that is Caption Atom’s strengths are unknown yet but he is in the same class as Superman it might be beyond and much more.

Some Reading Recommendations:

Captain Atom: Issue 1
Captain Atom: Annual Issue

Cosmic Boy:

Cosmic Boy

Rokk Krinn/ Cosmic Boy is a native of a metallic world Brall. He has a power to manipulate Magnetic fields who also is the founding member of Legion of Superheroes team.

Some other heroes I considered for this post are:

Chameleon Boy – A Shapeshifting alien from the Planet Durla (Orange Skinned and Exotic looking people). He is also part of the Legion of Superheroes team.

Chameleon Boy

Colossal Boy – Who can increase his size and strength to gigantic levels, he is also part of the Legion of Superheroes team.

Colossal Boy

I have seen these guys in action in one of the DC Animated Series.

This post is part of A to Z Blogging Challenge.

To read the previous post, please go here.

Ciao 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | B for Booster Gold, Black Canary and others

Booster Gold

Booster Gold

The World’s greatest Hero who is extremely underrated. A powerful, self-centered man from Future who stole the tech along with a Security robot “Skeets” and travelled back in time to the 20th Century because of his failures in his current timeline Year 2442. Michael Jon Carter aka Booster Gold is very good at self-promoting himself but over time he realized to use his power for good. In one of the episodes of DC’s Justice League Unlimited Animated Series, Booster Gold faces a threat where we could see his powers and abilities. Booster Gold is aligned with extraordinary adventures in his Superhero career.

Some of his Powers and Abilities comes from his future tech Power Suit which enhances his strength and his Wrist projectors allow him to release powerful force bolts, Legion Flight Ring which allows Booster Gold to fly but it has other potentials, Brainiac 5’s Force Field belt, The Goggles/mask which he wears amplifies his senses like vision and hearing. His most important asset is Skeets – The Security Robot of the Space Museum, who has the vast historical knowledge, at times of threats Skeets can defend itself.

Some Reading Recommendations:

Justice League International – This series covers most of Booster Gold’s adventures and his friendship with Blue Beetle, written by Keith Giffen.
Booster Gold – by Geoff Johns (This man is considered to be the greatest minds in the recent times of Comic books history. He also plays a Pivotal role in reforming DC Comic book universe) and the link will introduce you to the New age Booster Gold.

Black Canary

Black Canary

Black Canary is famous due to the Arrow TV Series by CW. According to the Comics, her Origin is completely different that of the TV Series. I have written about her in one of my earlier Blogposts.

Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Canary is the current version who owns this title. An expert Martial Artist who also possesses Canary Cry (The origin of the Canary Cry varies across the time of Comics) which was inherited due to her Meta Genes (Meta-Humans are the ones who has Super-human powers and they got it due to an accident created by S.T.A.R Labs). In the past, she wasn’t used properly though she was one of the founding members of Justice League of America, in the recent years she leads Birds of Prey (A team of Women Crimefighters). She has also recently offered as a Chairperson of newly formed Justice League of America. She is considered to have a Strong Strategic Mind and high emotional IQ. The reading recommendations should get you started.

Some Reading Recommendations:

Black Canary: Kicking and Screaming – The reboot of Black Canary with DC rebooting the storyline of its Superheroes. A good place to start understanding Black Canary written by Brenden Fletcher.

Birds of Prey Vol 1 by Chuck Dixon.

Blue Beetle:

Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle is one of the underrated Superheroes in the DC Multiverse. Before Jaime, two others held the mantle of Blue Beetle but he is the current version. Across ages the Origin of Blue Beetle was different and according to the current version Jaime Reyes is from El Paso and he accidentally gets attached to the “Scarab” which is told to be of a magical origin (Previously, it was told to be of an Alien Tech). Most importantly Blue Beetle is part of Teen Titans (Headed by Robin and the team consists of sidekicks of heroes from Justice League majorly and other Teen Superheroes with Superpowers)

Blue Beetle’s Powers and Abilities include The Scarab, the previous Blue Beetles were not able to bond well with the scarab but Jaime bonded well with it and has unique powers which the previous Blue Beetles couldn’t explore. The Scarab has Tracking System, Scarab sight with which it can track enemies Jaime encountered previously even if they are in different dimensions (Simply put when his enemies use a Tech as of his he will be able to jump between time stream just like how Tamilrocker’s IP address jumps between continents :P), Superhuman Strength and Agility, Dual Purpose wings, Flight mode, Battle analysis adaptation and much more.

Some Reading recommendations for you:

Blue Beetle: Metamorphosis (New 52)
Blue Beetle: Rebirth 1 (Currently running)

Beast Boy – Another Superhero connected with the Red (A layer which has the database of every living organism from the beginning of time). He is the member of Teen Titans the most unique capability he has is Shapeshifting like Animals. When he does that he will have the complete power of that animal. FYI, he is green-skinned.

Beast Boy

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. This is part of A to Z Challenge.

Ciao 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | A for Aquaman and others



Aquaman or Arthur Curry and being underrated goes hand in hand. The King of seas, a half-human, half Atlantian owing to his Atlantean mother and the human father. Aquaman possesses Superhuman strength (I’m not joking, he can fight toe to toe with Superman who is considered to be the most powerful DC Superhero), Superhuman durability, stamina and healing, Superhuman Agility (He can swim long distances with ease), speed and reflexes, On the surface he can do Superhuman jump (If one have to compare then it would be Hulk), he is an expert tactician and Leader, Hand to hand combatant.

Though Aquaman is one of the founding members of Justice League now and posses so much power, he was ridiculed a lot of times by DC fans for being dumb (Earlier stages) and even in DC only recently he is been used frequently. In recent Justice League movie with Jason Momoa portraying as Aquaman has shed some light on the character. Let’s hope the “King of Atlantis” touches the surface light sooner (Ugh! That was a bad punchline) and the reading recommendations should get you started.

Some reading recommendations:

Animal Man:


Animal Man (Buddy Baker) has a unique power of mimicking the powers of any animals he comes close contact with. He received this power when he went for a hunting as a child, An alien ship crashed him and killed, The aliens took pity on him and reformed him along with the powers and abilities to become Animal Man. Buddy realises that there is something called M-Field or Morphogenetic field which is also known as Life web or the Red. The Red is a force which connects the Animal life and many other organisms in the universe. The red also holds the phenotypic information from the first animal on the universe till the recent ones.

Animal Man, as the name suggests, has the various powers such as Imitating the Animals which also allows him to understand when the Animals are hungry, angry or even mistreated. He is also an Animals activist. Understanding Animals, communicating with them (I mean he can talk to the animals closely), Channeling the Animal’s abilities to beat the enemies or aliens, Shapeshifting, Yes you read that right he can shapeshift to an Animal by tapping into the Red. The animal man could also swap the powers of the Animals, which is he can give A lion the rat’s abilities and to the rat, the lion’s abilities. Like Bran Stark enters into his hound, Animal Man can transfer his mind into any animal for a limited time. These are some of his powers and abilities.

Some reading Recommendations:

Some of the other Superheroes with their names starting with A whom I find underrated are:
Adam Strange
Alanna Strange (Adam Strange’s wife)
and Atom (DC Legends of Tomorrow Series fame)

Which Superhero in DC whose name starts with A, do you think is Underrated? Please comments and let’s start our conversation there.

Ciao 🙂


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A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018 – Theme Reveal

Hi people,

It is really been so long I posted something on my blog. Now, through this A to Z Challenge, I hope to keep my blogging activity on a regular cycle and be more disciplined about it. Let’s see how it goes.

I’ve been contemplating to participate in the A to Z Challenge for this year. I’ve decided the Theme last year and I started working on finding right topics from then. But when have things gone as per planned. There were lots of trouble with my work life and I have to be more responsible in my personal life because now that I’m not alone I will have to spend more time with my better half.


When I told her that I would like to participate in this A to Z challenge all she told me was “Why are you even asking me? I always liked your blogs and I started feeling that I was the reason you were not blogging these days. You are also not reading. Move your a** and start doing it.” How sweet of her?

I hope most of you might have come across A to Z Challenge. I’m planning my posts to be simple and informative. The topic I chose is for Niche readers and I wish to keep it that way because it is easy for me you know.

After all this build-up you might think it is going to be something different but I hate to go out of my comfort zone and the Theme I chose is Underrated DC Heros / Heroines. So, this series is going to cover 26 or more different DC Characters who are underrated and didn’t get enough space even though with their huge powers and abilities.


I’m very excited to participate in this challenge and I being a diehard DC fan am very excited to share the little knowledge I have on this topic, to the world. Hope you would like my posts.

Let’s get the wheel rolling.

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Semmaari (Tamil) – Book Review

Title: Semmaari (Tamil)
Author: Samura
Total No. of Pages: 284
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fiction

Note: I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review from the Author. 

When I received the copy of the book from the Author and the tagline said ஆறறிவு ஆடு (A Goat with Six senses) and I thought it must be a Tamil Science fiction for which I was very much excited because the last Sci-Fi in Tamil I read was Jeeno duology by Sujatha. When I read the blurb it was evident that the book is dealt with a game Aadu Puli aatam which as a guy from a small town of Tamilnadu I am very much aware of it.

Semmaari, a shepherd with his nomad family reaches Chandiranaadu which is ruled by Puthirasekran. A king obsessed with Architecture plans to build a great hall full of architectural excellence. Thus he appoints Sadayudhar, who happens to be the best Architect in the entire kingdom. Nagalan, one of the best apprentice of Sadayudhar is in charge for this project. Kodari is more like the head of labourers is one among the major characters in the plot. Sadayudhar teaches a game Aadu Puli Aatam (A game of lambs and Tigers) to his fellow architects, which in turn entertains them during their free time. Semmaari a curious kid shows interest in learning the game sneaks in learns by observing. Over a period Semmaari happens to play with Nagalan who is considered to be the best in this game and wins. There comes a day when Nagalan was put in a tough spot with a stranger in a contest and Semmaari helps him out to win the game. Which in turn puts Semmaari, his family and his girlfriend in the life-threatening situation. Did Semmaari manage to escape that situation? Who is that Stranger? and Why that event put Semmaari in a life-threatening situation? All these questions will be answered in this book.

First of all the premise of the plot is really interesting. The Author could have stopped from explaining the story is based on the game which is a huge turn-off. I really request the Author to consider the readers as intelligent beings instead of Spoon-feeding us. It is really annoying over a period of time to read like that. The Author decides to name the characters and places with respective professions but decided to explain detailed to us readers.

I personally felt the narration of the book was really loooooong. The Editors could have trimmed it and brought down the page count to at least 180 to 200. Dear Author, if you really wanted to tell stories in Tamil but couldn’t find a good editor I request you search for one. First of all in Tamil we need not add so many commas unnecessarily. The words itself give enough pauses for us to understand. Then there are so many grammatical, spelling mistakes. Reading Tamil book so many grammatical mistakes really pains.

I see a lot of cons in the book than the pros. Except for a good plot, there is nothing great about this book and I am still wondering How this book got 4.48 stars in Goodreads. Think I must stop complaining and enjoy the book henceforth.

Do I recommend this book? I really don’t if you are an ardent Tamil novel reader. Others decide at your own risk.

Happy Reading.

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Theatrics by Neil Gibson

Title: Theatrics
Author: Neil Gibson and Art by Leonardo Gonzalez
Total No. of Pages: 132
Format: eBook
Type: Graphic Novel, Drama

Note: I received a free copy from NetGalley in return for an honest Review.

Boy! O! Boy! I never knew there were lots of individual comic book writers and Artists apart from the Studio ones until I came across this and the other series of Comics recently. Well, I know Cyanide and Happiness and other comics are there but I’m not sure How they make money, this is a serious business I must say.

Theatrics is a Graphic Novel about Rudy Burns a Broadway actor in 1920’s who has everything one could ask for but a robbery goes wrong and the man is disfigured. When the Broadway is all about good looks what would a once-successful actor do to revive his life? The story is more of a rag to riches but we are left with a cliffhanger because only half the book is released and I’m already waiting to read the rest.

First of all, this Graphic novel is wonderful, the artwork is mind-blowing and it is a Studio quality. With regards to the story for a comic, it is completely new and different. Such a pleasant read it was and Neil Gibson must have a lot in his kitty to offer. Looking forward to reading the second Graphic novel which would give us a closure. The story was pretty easy for me to get in and start reading. Rudy seems to be a very mysterious man. We do not know What’s on his mind and that keeps the readers hooked to the Graphic novel.  Let’s wait and see What Neil Gibson and the team has to offer in the future publications.

Happy reading 🙂

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Warjuna: Mrithasu Rising – Book Review

Title: Warjuna (Book 1: Mrithasu Rising)
Author: Krishnaraj
Total No. of Pages: 302
Format: Paperback
Genre: Mythological Fiction

Note: I received a free copy of this book in return for an Honest Review.

Re-writing and re-telling the Indian Mythologies to suit the audiences of certain culture have been there for a long time in India. When Indian English Authors decided to retell Indian Mythology in their own way or retelling the life story of a Character has given some really good results. Some of them succeeded in doing so starting from Ashok. K .Banker’s retelling of Ramayana or Anand Neelakantan’ Asura gave a, even more, spin to Ravana’s life and relationship with Sita. They really did a great job in that. But Amish’s humanising of god and putting them in a state to achieve their greater destiny gave a great reach which also became Bestseller of all times. Thus started mushrooming of retelling Mythology or Mythology Spin-Offs.There is always a knack to hook the audiences with the Author’s imagination but only a few succeed in doing so. Mythological fiction these days have become more like the Horror-Comedy line of movies in Tamil Cinema, few fare, well but many fail miserably.

Warjuna by Krishnaraj is one such take on the Indian Mythological world. I wouldn’t call it a miserable attempt nor a great one but the book stands somewhere inbetween. The Prince Arjuna of Wagharr is on the run from the invading Hayacree forces along with women and children to a place called Himavan. Later, he seems to have been transported somewhere to the Southern part of Bharata. We are as blank and delusional as him. Thus starts the journey of Prince Arjuna with the intent to save Bharata from the mysterious Mrithasu and its allied Hyacree forces. Who are these Hyacree forces? Who is Mrithasu? Did Arjuna save his people and Bharata from the great danger?What is his part on this big game? Warjuna has answers to all these for you.

The Author tried to do a Worldbuilding with few Mahabharata characters like Kanha, Draupati and Garuda with them playing a significant part in this plot while there are others who played smaller roles. The major problem I had with this book was the Author was busy in Worldbuilding and setting up a Universe of his own but with too many characters it was really hard to keep up. Most of these characters felt disconnected even after completing the book. Instead of jumping to various parts of the Bharata, the Author could have slowly paced to that Anti-climax. Readers could have felt even more connected that way. Another small issue was there were minor grammatical and editing errors wish that could be avoided in the future books.

Even though with these flaws, the book was quite captivating. The Storyline seems to have great potential in becoming a series of books. Hope the Author doesn’t screw up with the forthcoming books. Character building for few was done really well and I could still remember How Arjuna or Kanha would think in certain situations? The narrative style is great and the flow is smooth.

In a Nutshell: As a whole, this book has a lot of potentials to become a great series but in worldbuilding, process the Author lost his way somewhere. Otherwise, the book is a great read and there seems nothing unnecessary in the book with regards to each character. They serve some purpose for the story to move forward.

Do I recommend this book? I definitely do.

You can buy the book here.

Happy Reading 🙂

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Waterboarding – Book Review

Title: Waterboarding
Author: Bragadeesh Prasanna
No. of Pages: 292
Genre: Fiction – Romance

Waterboarding is the second Novel by Bragadeesh Prasanna. His first novel 300 days came as a surprise to me because I read it without much expectation and the characters still linger in my head very profoundly. Such is the detailing he gives to his characters who would stay in your memories forever. You might have come across some of them in your life. Choosing his characters one among us is what I loved in his previous novel and with so much expectation I got Waterboarding on the day of Book launch.

Ved meets with a terrible accident and when he wakes up he realises that he has lost parts of his memory. He could remember few of his friends and his parents but nothing more. Sara one of his friends tries to help him recollect his memory but Why is she doing that? Who is that mysterious Maya and why no one seems to know about her? Well, read the novel to find these answers for yourself.

What works for me in this novel is the narrative style and the Author chose to narrate the story with three different perspectives of the three major characters, which takes place at different timelines. Such a difficult style of narration and there are chances the reader might get confused but the Author brilliantly connects every dots and makes us get glued to the book from start to end.

Few small characters really came as a surprise to me because I felt like I know them, especially the Doctor character. The book didn’t get too technical nor too cheesy but it stood to a point where it tried to focus on the Romance and the psychological effects of an accident. I personally don’t find any flaws in the book.

Do I recommend this book? I absolutely do and am really waiting to read more of his works in the future. Do pick up this book and Thank me later.

A request: Knowing the Author personally to an extent and reading his blogs regularly for a while now, it would really be great if the Author writes a novel in Tamil. Hoping that he would read my blog post and the message would reach him.

Happy Reading 🙂