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Oru Pada Paadal #1

If, this title reminds you something sure you were one of those 80’s or 90’s kid who used to listen to this particular show in All India Radio. The show will play popular songs of that time from one particular movie and I think that show spans for 30 minutes. I tried to dig my vague memory but couldn’t remember because I was a child back then 😛

I’m starting a New series. Well, I’m lazy enough to post one on a daily basis but I will try and post atleast once a week. The inspiration for this post came from my friend Megha who wrote two blog posts on Quora. The songs were from two movies composed by A.R.R and here are the links for those two posts Rhythm and Kandukonden Kandukonden. I am not going to stick to one particular Music director but varied ones. Starting this series with my favourite Movie and my favourite music director.


I assume no introduction needed to this movie. Truly a musical gangster movie I would say. Yuvan experimented with his musical finesse in this movie and it came out extremely well. Album came out with six songs and four instrumentals. Four of those songs and instrumentals featured in the film but two were not, which happen to be my most favourite one in this album.

It all comes down to this “Oru Naalil”

This song is one of my favourites in this whole album. Penned by Na. Muthukumar & Selvaragavan. It was rendered by Yuvan himself. What attracts me to this song is the violin piece after the Pallavi. Lyrics depicts the life of a gangster “Kokki Kumar” in the film from start to where he was struck. I really wished Selva could have shot this song and played it at the end credits of the movie.

Peek into Assasin’s life “Neruppu vaayinil”

This song comes along the story and I love this song for its lyrics which was written by Na. Muthukumar and sung by Ulaganayagan. I am not sure why Yuvan chose Kamal for this song but I couldn’t imagine this song without him because he perfectly emoted the feel of a Gangster who had to hold his life until the next day. The lyrics and the emotion perfectly synced with the way it was shot. Prelude of this song pushes you into the rush and tension of the gangster. You couldn’t place this song in any type because of its mixed nature.

Our Story “Enga yeriya”

A fast number which was shot majorly in the fisherman’s area of the city. I remember this is one of the songs which played umpteen times in various events those times censoring some cuss words in the beginning of the song. Sung by Dhanush (Rap part majorly), Premji Amaran and Yuvan. The First part and the song followed by the interludes were shot in the market set which had its grandeur.

Night Life “Variya”

This song mostly contains the music part except for the “Variya” part here and there and few lyrics at the end. Well, I remember this been played in the radio stations umpteen number of times and it was also a chartbuster once. The song is placed in the movie where “Kokki Kumar” gets accepted as a henchman.

Gangster’s Marriage Party “Pul pesum Poo pesum”

This song particularly has some intriguing music (To me at least) which gives you a kind of local party feel. The Song is setup in a marriage function with all its setup and feel. A kind of violin music in the interlude gets you trippy. Sung by Vijay Yesudas, Tanvi Shah, Premji Amaran and Yuvan.

An out and out experimental album from Yuvan and he tried to explore various aspects. Songs mostly penned by Na. Muthukumar gives us a raw feel to this album. I would definitely say Yuvan tapped the character of the lead and emoted with his music brilliantly. I don’t have a particular reason to choose this movie first. I had few more albums of Yuvan but thought to start with this because when this movie released Yuvan was at his peak.

Here, the complete Jukebox of this album:

Happy Listening and Watching.:)

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The one with Joey Tribbiani

Friends – An inseparable word in everyone’s lives. The same goes with F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom which is inseparable among all the TV show fans.

Throughout the Show one character was designed in a mind-blowing way and I kept wondering, How on earth someone can be like this? Really? and that character has a whole lot of great qualities 😉  and here I would like to share 7 great qualities😎, of Joey Tribbiani.


1. The one where Joey Loves food:
Every one knows Joey loves food and the most important of all is that..


Joey’s priorities for food..


Joey don’t like wasting food..

giphy (2).gif

2. The one where Joey Loves Chandler:
Joey who was being unemployed and an aspiring actor, he solely was dependent on Chandler. He always loved Chandler for being with him during those harsh times and in one such moment, when Joey had to move out he left his favourite Foosball table for Chandler.

giphy (3).gif

When Monica and Chandler were running around and making love, Joey took all the blame and awkwardness not uttering their little secret.


3. The one where Joey can pick up any girl 😉 :
Ah! Here comes our Joey’s special skills in picking  up girls with his special line..



Joey always got some special moves to impress girls

giphy (7).gif

4. The one where Joey is big at Heart:
Remember, Joey took Rachel and Emma with him after Ross behaved like a douche bag?


When Phoebe pretended to be pregnant to cover Rachel Joey proposed to her, so that Phoebe wouldn’t have to raise a baby alone and this shows how big at heart he is.


5. The one where joey is Innocent:
Joey invented a Map use system when he couldn’t find the map quite handy in London 😂


How could we forget when Joey drank a Gallon of milk in 10 seconds? 😈

giphy (8).gif

6. The one where Joey is Street smart:
Joey once proved Phoebe that “There are no unselfish good deeds


During one of the Christmas parties where Rachel and Monica were sweating due to the broken radiator and unable to fix it nor the maintenance showed up to fix it. Joey walked in and turned it off from underneath.

collage-2016-09-22 (1).jpg

Joey didn’t loose his head when he and Ross where struck in terrace. Joey decided to take the Fire exit instead of complaining and screaming.


7. The one where Joey does anything for his Friends:
When Joey dated Urusula, Phoebe’s Twin sister and had to make a choice between her and Phoebe, Joey broke-up with Urusula for his Best Friend.


Joey somehow developed feelings for Rachel but instead of telling that first to Rachel he talked with Ross. So, that he don’t want to hurt his friend.

giphy (9).gif

When Joey thought Monica was cheating on his Best Friend Chandler he immediately called Chandler and he waited outside Chandler’s apartment to make sure no one escapes.


Joey is one such person we would never come across in this cruel mask faced world and I honestly he is one my most favourite characters of all time. He is one such character and everyone would like to be a Best friend with him. Cheers.. 🙂

giphy (10).gif

Gif Source: Giphy
Image Source: Google and Pinterest 


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Kollywood – In India

As we all know Kollywood has its special place in Indian Film Industry but are we standing alone from other Film Industries in India?

Tamil Film Industry doesn’t stand alone in the Whole Indian Scenario trust me it really doesn’t stand alone.

Kollywood produces equally bad movies as Bollywood and other Industries does, but one thing which we have are the Talents Technicians and Artists in the likes of A.R.R, P.C.Sreeram, Maniratnam etc.,

I am here not against Commercial movies at all because Commercial Movies are the ones which takes that particular Film Industry to new places and help them widen their Markets and Bollywood excelled in that.

My point being even though we give bad Movies we equally produce Good movies We introduce New Talents in Kollywood every year.

Kollywood or any other Film industry in India for that matter standing alone out of the crowd is subjective. I consider 2 parameters here one is box office Collection and 2nd being quality of the movies released in that year, merging both the parameters Tamil Film Industry stands 2nd and Yes, I can hear the voices of Tollywood fans out there but guys Telugu movies produce out and out Commercial movies and we get to see really good movies very less when compared with Bollywood and Tamil.

Kollywood is widening its horizons every other year and we will outshine Bollywood sooner. Bollywood being the highest grosser just for one reason and that being the  Language, Hindi which is spoken by larger population also the Ticket prices are twice or thrice more than that of Tamilnadu and the same goes with Andhra and Telangana where the ticket price being costlier than Tamilnadu and still we manage to do fist fight with them with regards to Quality contents and Yes, there is still a lot for Kollywood to stand alone in the crowd and for that first Producers and Directors should stop the template Movie making and same old revenge dramas.

We expect more Good content and experimental movies which will definitely be received well by our audience because by every other year the likings and taste of enjoying the movies our audiences are getting better at it. Understanding the financing issues there are lots of Politics and other parties involved in Movie making and its release. There are many other sources of income for Movie Industry in general which our Indian Multiplex owners or other Theatre owners are not supporting because they are scare that their business might fail and on the other hand Producers find it difficult to release some low budget movies in theatres.

Most important issue is the CBFC which stops and block every other movie which are releasing in the name of the so called “Sanskar” or saving the pride of India and its government’s ass being mocked or questioned.

Few more issues like not getting proper recognition for Tamil movies outside India because placing Bollywood as the face of Indian Cinema is pathetic and Politics in National award functions and much more other issues to be taken care. Once all this is done Kollywood would definitely Stand alone in the huge crowd of different Indian film industries.

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Time Travel Movies in Tamil

I am a Quora user and I write there on a Daily basis. I came across a Question about comparing 24 and Indru Netru Naalai which are 2 Time Travel Movies which was released very recently and I have shared my views and explained about different Time Travel Paradoxes used in these 2 Movies.

Question: Which is the best Time Travel film in Tamil, 24 or Indru netru Naalai?

INN and 24

Time Travel is really a Vast and Confusing concepts and Time Travel consist of various paradoxes and theories revolving around and to explain the difference between these 2 movies I have to explain What are the paradoxes these two movies have used.

Predestination Paradox and Casual Loop: These two more or less fall under the same category but the cache is with Casual loop it is also called as Butterfly effectwhereas one incident is related to the other. For example if, you remember in Indru netru Naalai remember a scene where Karuna tries to find the badge of a Retired Army man and when they travel back in time he releases a Dog which stands on that badge and barks at him with which that Villain is saved. If, the Dog was not released Villain would have died thus one event is related to the other which is Casual Loop or Butterfly effect.

With regards to Predestination paradox a person Travel back in time (Which is Past) and until and unless their presence is not there the particular sequence or Incident wouldn’t take place and again let me take an example of the same Indru netru Naalaimovie where Partha (Scientist) will get affected by the Shock and when Karuna and Vishnu tries to travel back in time and save him they will realise his plan and leave him to die. Without karuna and Vishnu’s presence in that sequence Partha wouldn’t have got a shock. Its pretty confusing right?

So, Indru Netru Naalai is basically taken with the concept of Predestination paradox and Casual Loop which are closely related and in this concept there are high chances that The person from the future and present both have a high chance of meeting which would change the course of action. Again Temporal Paradox also has a small part in it.

Hitler’s Murder Paradox or Grandfather Paradox: Both these concepts fall underTemporal paradox. Let me explain this Let us say a person travels back in time and Kills Hitler when he started to emerge as a leader so, that WW2 wouldn’t have happened. With regards to Grandfather paradox say you travel back in time and kill your Grandfather while he is young hence you prevent him from giving birth to your dad and there are no chance that you would have born and How did you kill your Grandfather? Again quite confusing theory this is.

Just keep this idea floating not literally but technically. You travel back in time to change a certain event or stop an event ultimately you end up with a different Incident happen altogether, Let, me explain it with the sequences from 24 movie. In a scene where Samantha tries to repair her Watch and end up looting Suriya’s work and time stating that he broke the watch. Suriya travels back in time and finds the fact that the watch was already broken and prevent himself from being looted. This is just an example.

Apart from this Temporal paradox theory in 24 movie they created an Idea of Time Freeze which again is entirely a different idea and you know What it is? In 24 Movie they also have a different concept where the Time Traveller travels back in time they fall into the Time Loop concept where they learn about the incident better and re-lives that Incident. If, you remember Edge of Tomorrow movie you will understand the Time loop concept. Instead of the the Time Traveller meeting his Present or Future form he goes back to the original form where all it started with knowing the Incident better.

So, except for the matter of Time Travel these two movies fall under a different concept or Paradoxes altogether.

IMHO comparing two movies of same genre with different concepts isn’t fair and that too Production value, Actor’s brand Image and others also play a Vital part when comparing a Movie. I wouldn’t say one is better than the other but both these movies are Unique in its own way.

You might wonder why did I explain about the Time Travel Paradoxes instead of telling it in a simple way? I thought it would be an eye opener for us because Time Travel concept in Movies is totally a New idea in Tamil Film Industry and it would be an education for us before we compare two totally different movies with different concepts.

P.S: The ideas and concepts I’ve presented are in my own understanding and it is purely my opinion. Please refrain from illogical and rude comments.

Cheers.. 🙂

Footnotes: List of paradoxes, Causal loop, Temporal paradox