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Movie Review – Irumbu Thirai

Spoilers ahead, Read at your own risk ūüėõ

It has been so long that I’ve written a Movie Review. We don’t come across a thoughtful and a perfect commercial cinema in Tamil and these days it has become rare to find one such movie that too from a debutant Director.

Irumbu Thirai as a movie works for me at various levels starting from Samantha as Dr. Rathi Devi, her role as a supporting heroine but not as a loosuponnu, Arjun as White Devil the terrifying Villian with very limited screen presence (Many compared him with Siddharth Abimanyu of Thani Oruvan but philosophically they both are different), Vishal as a protagonist but not as a hero and Delhi Ganesh’s performance as a Dad. The movie is written well on paper and executed even better on screen.

samantha irumbuthirai

P.S. Mithran as a debut director grabs attention with his meticulous detailing with regards to technology and technical terms used, his dialogues were not forced but was on point and sharp. Even though Robo Shankar comes throughout the movie, his comedy was not irritating but rib-tickling at moments. Comedy track didn’t seem forced but came naturally, same with the love portions. It’s been so long to see the leads fall in love naturally rather than being forced.

Irumbu Thirai

The movie naturally started flowing into the story, in the first act and it set a perfect stage, although we might feel the movie starts only after the conflict. I couldn’t stop noticing that many actually felt the movie actually started after the first half but it was not the hero who seems to be uninterested in his family, later gets caught in an issue because of his family. He meets the Doctor who helps him out of his anger issues, later she plays a key role in motivating him to understand his enemy. In Major Kathiravan we don’t see a hero but a protagonist, who is vulnerable and constantly learns frrom his enemy to beat him.

After Sandakozhi, I felt Vishal was a perfect fit in the action sequences, thanks to Dhileep Subburayan for doing the action choreography well. Yuvan’s background music adds a boost to the movie but over a period the theme for Vishal was repetitive. George. C. Williams’s camera takes us amidst the crowded streets and doesn’t shake much during the fight scenes, the shots at night were beautiful.


I must definitely mention about our antagonist here, White Devil, who holds the kingpin ID of Darknet. The reason for Arjun’s limited screen presence was intentional I guess, owing to his character’s anonymity. We never know who wages cyber warfare among the greedy individuals. I see White Devil as an extended version of Gandhi Babu from Sathuranga Vettai, The only difference is Gandhi babu directly loots money from the victims with his schemes but White Devil appoints someone, but both of them instigate greed or they think so. Among the various takeaway’s from the movie, the major takeaway for me is perspective.

White Devil considers himself to be a Robin Hood if you notice he claims that he looted money from people who cheated the bank or Government on various points, but on the hindsight, it was different. Major Kathiravn’s, on the other hand, had genuine reasons, as most of White Devil’s victims were, they were cheating just so that their work can be done but cheating isn’t the lesson. I would like to quote Amish Tripathi from the Immortals of Meluha which sums up my thoughts “There is your truth and there is my truth. As for the universal truth, it does not exist“.

Irumbu Thirai is definitely a Welcome change in Vishal’s career and a good start for P.S. Mithran as a director in Tamil Cinema. As an ardent Cinephile, I welcome you with a¬†bouquet sir. ūüôā

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Ak-Nyeo (The Villainess) – Movie Review

Spoiler-free Review. This Movie is rated A for Indian audience and PG 13 for American and other countries audiences.

How many times have we come across a Kick-ass Action Thriller movie with a female lead? In that, How many movies have succeeded in impressing us? I, personally consider Korean Movies can be sold easily to Indians because of the Drama element associated, which perfectly suits Indian audiences, but we have never had a Women centric action Thriller movie.

Sook-hee, after avenging the death of her husband, she was forced to work for the Government in return for her freedom. She, on the other hand, was trained as an Assassin to avenge her father’s death by her husband. When Police caught her she was carrying a baby. Did she work with the government for her freedom? Did she avenge her father’s murderers? Well, do watch the movie to find answers.

I really wish I watched this movie on the big screen. Such a brilliant cinematography and a technically sound movie. There is a hallway fight scene which was shot in the first person perspective. I literally felt like playing a Videogame. It was a continuous sequence shot and Sook-hee must have killed atleast 30 men in that sequence. Such first-person perspective shots are so much complex to shoot and it being the continuous sequences which makes it even more complicated to shoot but the output was really well.

Although this movie had bloody stunt sequences, the story had an emotional plot running in the parallel. Unlike other movies, I personally felt they handled the story very well on both the fronts. Directed by Jeong Byeong-gil who has done a fantabulous job in packaging a perfect mix of Action and Drama.

Technically a brilliant movie it is. The whole movie was set in two different tones which will automatically transport us to that world. Cinematographer Park Jung-hun has put so much effort in making the right shots. Although we see so much shaky camera shots, we are able to follow the action and at times the camera moves from third person perspective to the first person perspective also that transformation was done effortlessly by him.

Stunt Choreographer and the stuntmen are the backbones of this whole movie. I was unable to find his/her name but they have done a marvellous job in presenting it. Music Director Koo Ja-wan should also be appreciated for blending the music appropriately.


Now, speaking of Actors, Sook-hee by Kim Ok-bin (Vaaranam Aayiram Suriya style la sollanumna) Woah! Whatta Woman? She had done a great job of carrying the whole movie on her shoulders. Atleast for half of the movie, she wouldn’t speak at all but then when she gets into action she is Kick-ass. Those romantic portions with Jung Hyun-Soo (Sung Joon) are just beautiful and they were the relaxing portions in the film.

Overall, a perfectly packaged female-led¬†masala flick which would perfectly fit in for any audience. This movie had¬†few clińáhed plot lines and the¬†best part was that they didn’t screw up the movie. As I mentioned earlier this movie could be remade in India, especially in Tamil roping an actress like Dhanshika who would definitely fit the bill, but our directors will over-do it and spoil the experience and the whole movie for us.

If you ask did I enjoy the Movie? I absolutely did and I recommend to watch it if you have the stomach to bear bloody scenes to an extent.

Do watch the movie and comment your thoughts. Happy Watching.

P.S: At times I felt like watching a Korean version of Kill-Bill with more soul to it.

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Thupparivalan – Movie Review

Myskkin, when announced that he roped in Vishal for his next movie, my first thought was that; Let this not be a disaster like Mugamoodi. Myskkin the man who always builds a strong story and screenplay then chooses his actors around it. Most of his leads were either new faces or the lesser knowns. With Thupparivalan he broke few stereotypes about him and the major one being that a commercial movie not necessarily should have songs or an item number for that matter. What’s there in the movie for us? Let’s see:

Who is this Thupparivalan?

Kaniyanpoongundran is a Private detective whose back story which we are not aware of. In the first few scenes into the movie, he shows us How good an observer he is?  Mano lacks the speed of his best friend in catching up with all the case. Mano is basically a Dr. Watson for Kaniyan in this movie.


Kaniyanpoongundran reminds me of BBC’s Sherlock but with a little of empathy in him (A Myskkin’s Touch). In the recent times, the Sherlock character has become a household name and it is hard for us not to compare. That being said Vishal as the character irritates in the beginning. He who has established himself as a mass hero in various movies but this one is slightly different and as the movie flows we see Kaniyan more and Vishal disappears. Altogether it is more of a Tamil version of Sherlock Holmes with emotions ūüėõ

Why I liked the Movie?

In the first few scenes of act one, we encounter series of murders and when we expect our hero would directly land up, in that case, we are given a Myskkin twist. Introduction scene of Kaniyan is not a Myskkin’s style nor Vishal’s, it’s new and we are made to see the lead in his eyes with the body camera.

When a kid meets with a Puppy missing case to Kaniyan, some regular commercial movie goers would expect the movie to take pace at this point but we are left with questions and the movie takes a different direction. That Anu Emmanual intro scene was interesting but why is that in this particular year we see so much of movies on abusive relationships -_- or is it even a relationship?

I loved the stunt sequences and my favourite was the one in the Chinese restaurant. Though the stunts were fast and not Myskkin types one could clearly see a pattern there. Vishal doesn’t seem awkward but he scores very well in his turf. Mano¬†(Prasanna) a loyal friend (Or a Sidekick? ūü§Ē) of Kaniyan has done a decent job. Vinay as The Devil has done a fair job though the dialogues were very less for him still a decent one. Andrea’s part should be a surprise revelation for many and unexpected too.

When a movie like this with no songs always gives more scope for the Music director to focus on BGM. Arrol Corelli’s music adds rhythm and pace to the movie. The cinematographer Karthik Venkatraman has done a phenomenal job with adding bright tone to the movie with some majestic angles.


Myskkin – The captain of this ship has done an exceptional job. He really tried to not use his style but in few scenes, his technique is very much visible. No creepy dark light throughout the movie, no low angle slow motion shots still he is all over the movie and that’s who he is. The way he paid homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was beautiful in the movie.

What could have been better?

With the ensemble cast like this, their roles were not memorable. Let it be Simran or Bhagyaraj or even Andrea for that matter. The scope for their roles was meagre. When I saw Bhagyaraj, I was expecting he would play a memorable role as Pandiyarajan in Anjathey or Radharavi in Pisasu but his character lacked depth and he could have had a better and interesting backstory.

Andrea¬†was just there in the movie. She got a decent role and no denying that but her part was not even memorable. When Vinay’s backstory was revealed it should have been a surprise or at least sad but here the revelation just pass-by and feels dry.

There were few scenes where the Music needn’t be placed at all but some silence would have done justice, this is the only issue I had but nothing else.

My Verdict:

A Myskkin movie without his trademark cliches. One who knows Mysskin and his way of handling story would definitely love this movie but I couldn’t quote this movie as his best. Hoping to see a sequel to this movie which will definitely work if you ask me. Do watch it and I bet you will definitely enjoy the movie.

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Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie Review

Once Wonder Woman was critiqued for showing Woman with a tiny dress and commenting about the creator being sexist. Oh! The irony, now the movie is being lauded for various reasons from being the most successful Superheroine movie which garnered over $100M in the first 3 days, being a first Superhero movie directed by a Woman and of course the saviour of DCEU after its miserable box-office failures with the last 3 movies.

Why Wonder Woman gained so much attention? 

Comparing this with one of the DC Animated Movies on Wonder Woman, I would say this movie is pretty much different and I have only read few of the Wonder Woman comics. Surprisingly this movie comes without much of the previous mistakes especially the Studio interference.

Well, Trailer of this movie infused so much attention in Movie lovers, DC fans and the so-called Comic lovers (Indian Comic fans would understand What I mean and not disrespecting actual comic book fans). The second reason being Rotton Tomatoes. When many saw the Tomatometer rating of whopping 93% they went gaga and started talking about the movie.

A Little Background:

Thymiscira an isolated land from the man’s world is ruled by Hypolita. Diana was brought into life from clay by the Greek God Zeus. When Diana showed interest in getting trained to be a true Amazonian she was refused by her mother Hypolita but when her aunt Antiope insisted on training her, Hypolita refused first then agreed to it. Diana never knew the reason for her birth or she is not aware of her actual powers. When an American Spy, Steve Trevor accidentally falls into the sea, Diana helps him. Steve was on a mission to stop the World War and Diana strongly believes Ares – The God of War is behind. She proposes to join Steve to go to the Man’s world and kill Ares to end the war. Did Steve stop the War? Did Diana find and Kill Ares? Who is Diana? All those questions are answered in 144 minutes movie.


Is the Movie worth all the hype?

It definitely is a good Origin Story for one of the most powerful DC Superheroine. Patty Jenkins is a key reason and in one of her interviews, she mentioned about empowering Woman through this movie with the central theme of the Movie being Love. She and the Screenplay Writer didn’t overdose on violence and cynicism but they delivered a pure superhero movie with positive vibes and effect.

Allen Heinberg’s Screenplay saved the movie a lot because without humour throughout the movie it would not have stood a chance for DC’s raw and gritty storylines. This movie has its flaws but Gal Gaddot’s innocence and charm rescue the movie. I was surprised to see people who screamed when Diana was on screen, they even screamed seeing “Wayne Enterprises”.

Chris Pine, on the other hand, plays the sidekick for Wonder Woman and also her Love Interest who guarantees us for adding more humour to the movie. The Amazons in the Movie are portrayed beautifully as fearless warriors. Robin Wright as Antiope was just perfect.

Well, with regards to Villians all of them did their part well but a serious back story was missing for two. They neither showed the need of destruction or power I cannot spoil much because that plays the crux of the whole story and the choices of villain cast did fantabulously well. Danny Huston, as usual, did his part well and Elena Anaya as Dr Meru or Doctor Poison is perfect and exceptional.

Be it Thymiscira or hideous ūüėõ London the camera and CGI played their roles to a great extent. Stunt sequence placed well and staged extraordinary need to be applauded for the crew’s hard work. Rupert Gregson-Williams BGM and the theme gives us goosebumps during the action sequences.



A Superheroine movie with little bloodshed and more of positive vibes with the theme of spreading the love (Irony) and stopping the war to bring peace to the man’s world. Assisted with the stunning CGI, breath-taking fight sequences and goosebumpy theme and music it should definitely be watched in theatres.

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Baahubali 2 (The Conclusion) – Review

Always late to the party, I am. *Sigh* curse my laziness.

A much-awaited movie of the year with lots of speculations, fan theories and heated discussions on “Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali?” On a positive side, I’ve seen such fan theories popping out for Game of Thrones especially that’s where I participated and I know How enthusiastic¬†it is always?


I was never apprehensive about this Movie because I was pretty much disappointed with the first part because of the lack of proper story, poor CG. Baahubali – The Conclusion is really far better than the 1st part and it definitely is a milestone to Indian Cinema. This movie proved that if budget isn’t an issue then our creative wings are free and this Movie would definitely be a feather in the cap of Indian Cinema for taking it a notch higher. All praise go to “The Captain of the Ship”¬†S.S.Rajamouli for not deviating from his vision of making a grandeur movie.


I could definitely see a lot of improvements in the CG compared to the first part though Maahishmathi and few other statues looked artificial to me. Also, it irks me when a normal human has extraordinary powers which I couldn’t believe may be the indoctrination. If some Hollywood movie has done this we might have believed who know? Should I say the director failed to prove it or he thought people would assume that Kings those days were strong enough to pull a giant chariot with all their might (Read one person) and could break a giant door and also push an Elephant with that chariot? Ufff! I know I know its Telugu movie and these are completely normal but when a Movie is directed in such a big budget and in a way or other it represents Indian cinema as a whole I wish director could have made few efforts to prove the power the hero and the villain got.


As first part, this part also has a huge cast and none has gone waste I should say, except for¬†Tamannah. One peculiar thing I noticed in both the parts was that the prominent female protagonists were given equal screen space and they played a pivotal role in progressing¬†the movie to next set of events. If, not for Avantika, Sivudu wouldn’t have visited Maahishmathi to rescue Devasena (Anushka). If Sivagami wasn’t there then there is no Baahubali at all. Well, I can’t reveal much about this part’s progression in the story because of the female leads. Well, I absolutely loved that arrow stunt scene where Amarendra and Devasena were perfectly in sync.

If, Prabhas was a fierce warrior or a Romantic King who swooned many ladies with his charm and talent, Anushka, on the other hand, was as fierce as Prabhas in the Movie. It was a great relief to see Anushka donned the role Devasena with ease. Prabhas and Anushka made a great pair in the movie and they subtly carried Ram and Sita kinda role in the movie.

Rana Dagupathi has done a marvellous job is bringing life to Ballaladeva. The way he carried himself and underplayed mostly in the first half of the movie was fantastic. On the other hand, Nassar¬†does a wonderful job as usual especially the scene where he breaks the wall with his bare hands was completely believable. Baahubali movie is incomplete without Ramya Krishnan and Satyaraj, where the former donned the role as a Queen and Godmother Sivagami with fierce and this lady once again prove that she needn’t move a muscle but just widen her eyes and one would definitely shit their pants (I know, I know I am exaggerating :P), the later was throughout the Movie as slave Kattappa and supported the Protagonist let it be Amarendra or Mahendra he was there for both of them in taking the throne and I also wonder why didn’t he seek help from Aslam Khan (Sudeep) and I believed that Sudeep would play a key role in part 2 :/.¬†M.M.Keeravani does a fantastic job with the background score but I found the songs not much murmur worthy unlike the songs from the 1st part. Well, when the movie takes a more drama tone than the action it makes sense to concentrate on the BGM than the songs.


Sabu Cyril and the CGI team are the backbones of this movie apart from the director. Compared to the first part they worked so much to avoid the flaws. In Hamsa Naava song, let it be the flying ship or the cloud horse they made us feel like being in a dreamland watching the hero and heroine dance. I absolutely awed watching that song. Maahismathi Palace or the Kundala town Sabu Cyril carefully designed those places and a big round of applause for him.

As I mentioned earlier there are few things which I didn’t like in the movie owing to the standards they are planning to catch. Well, for us Indians we know if its Telugu cinema, leave your brains outside the Cinema hall and forget your logical reasoning during the gravitation challenging stunt sequences or others, but not the International audience. Still, this is just another step for us to fight Hollywood fist to fist with our imagination. I would definitely recommend watching this movie in Theatres because one must not miss watching such a grandeur in the Silver screen than a tiny screen. ūüėõ

Happy Watching.. ūüôā

P.S: I watched the Movie in Telugu because I personally felt dubbing would ruin the emotions.

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Power Paandi aka Pa. Paandi – Review

*May contain Spoilers*

We all have fond memories of our Grandparents and How many times have we seen them have a life apart from their grandchildren or their children? Have we ever given a thought about our retired parents who can’t sit home idle but meet their friends, go on a trip etc.,

Heck! How many times have we mocked that uncle who is in his 60’s for attending a French class? Haven’t we mocked that aunty in her 50+ who wore so much makeup? We are indoctrinated¬†that people who have crossed their 60’s are bound to stay home and rest, they are supposed to rejoice¬†the life they lived in an easy chair but nothing more than that. One dialogue in a movie where Paandi asks Poondhendral “naama namma¬†pasangalayum¬†pera¬†kuzhandhaingalayum pathi nenaikkurom, avanga¬†nammala pathi¬†nenaikkuraangala?” How true those words are?


Power Paandi exactly takes this idea and this time we have a hero who is in his 60’s. When he was forced to live inside the walls and pushed not to poke his nose. He leaves his house not to be a burden to his son (Prasanna) and daughter-in-law (Chaya Singh). Where did he go and who did he meet is the rest of the breezy movie. As Paandi we also feel like living inside a cage in the first part of the movie.

Dhanush with his directional debut chose to stay safe on the plot and screenplay. Surprisingly he did a great job as a director except that the first half of the movie have few flaws and the Screenplay was dragging. The second half took a U-turn and was on a top gear with some beautiful moments.

I couldn’t imagine any other person who could have done justice to this role apart from Rajkiran¬†who did an exceptional job as a loving Grandpa, silent father, cheerful lover. There is a scene in the movie where he would tug under the bedsheet and wait for a response from Revathi. It brought a smile on my face because we see such habits among youngsters but not from an old man.


When¬†Revathi entered the Screen the whole movie got a new air. The romance was blistering through the scenes she appeared. Wish she got, even more, screen space.¬†Sean Roldan did a fantastic job with regards to the background score. In the flashback scenes which takes place in late 70’s, he gave a slight touch of Illayaraja. Way to go Sean, Way to go.

Even though the movie had a slightly draggy first half with few flaws, the second half of the movie really makes us forget all those flaws and we also ride with Paandi along with him. Paandi’s grandchildren are adorable and the pakkathu veetu guy guarantees for some of the timing comedy portions in the movie.

It is a rarity these days to see such movies on screen and even if, we see they mostly have a depressing climax but fortunately this one doesn’t and that’s a reason this movie stands out. Dhanush scores his brownie points as a director. Don’t ignore your parent’s and they also have a life even after they are retired is the message of this movie, they also could go in search of their lost love all we need to do is let them be. Go watch this movie with your parents and I’m sure they would love it.

Happy Watching.. ūüôā

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Kaatru Veliyidai – Review

May contain Spoilers

Kaatru Veliyidai kannama РThis is the first line of a poem written by Mahakavi Bharatiyar. A man who wrote about Pudhumai Penn and also about How a Woman should stand up for her rights and raise her voice against being oppressed. The title of the Movie is from a poem about a man who writes a poem about missing his girl.

When the posters came out it seemed like a movie in War setup and comparing it with the title and the poem one would assume¬†Roja kinda movie, but when you enter the theatre Mani gives you a twist and the movie is about an abusive relationship. While the movie flows you get a feel that the movie is a mix of Mani’s previous ventures with the likes of¬†Roja – Where the hero is captured by the terrorist and here he was captured by Pakistani’s and both are patriotic to their Nations.¬†Alaipayudhe – Where the hero goes in search of his doctor girlfriend in a song. Alas, I understood the movie is a bigger view of the love life of¬†Inbasekar – Sasi relationship from¬†Aayudha Ezhuthu¬†except that Sasi leaves Inba but Leela doesn’t.


When a narcissist and chauvinist guy falls in love with a girl who expects equality in a relationship is a fresh idea. I liked the movie for this and Mani always brings in some controversial ideas into his movies. He made the lead to marry a widow with a kid in Thalapathy. His OK Kanmani was all about live-in and in this movie he presented pre-marital pregnancy in a positive way.

Though I liked the movie I couldn’t agree with the climax because when he portrays a girl who expects fairness in a relationship and of course she was absolutely fine with being pregnant, which I would consider broad-minded wouldn’t want to stay in an abusive relationship. Not even a normal girl in her right mind would bear those insults and physical abuse. In a way, the movie glorifies abusive relationship and I seriously doubt if the hero really evolved as a human.

KV 1.jpg

Mani as usual plays with his layers of messages throughout the film. In Nalla allai he made VC stand on his Jeep but Leela on the ground implied that VC will still be above her. When Leela tells VC that she loves him but a barrier between them indicating the states of their minds. I am sure many would have noticed the confrontation scene where VC and Leela were facing each other in the different directions as their decisions to keep the baby or not.

ARR always save some great numbers for Mani. Songs already were the chartbusters he scores one’s heart with Juguni during the flight travel to the Himalayas. His music adds colour to¬†Sarratu vandiyile.¬†Though I loved Azhagiye because of its comical proposal tone and of course Aditi was playful throughout the song and was even more beautiful with her cute face expressions.

Another reason to enjoy the movie is¬†Ravi Varman, the DOP for the movie. He flabbergasted me with those long shots of Thar, close up shots of Aditi in the beautiful Srinagar, colourful picturization¬†of Sarattu vandiyile song. I’m unsure if the mirror shots of his is a unique touch he gives, which he placed across the movie in various scenes. Even if, one doesn’t like the movie they might for its picturesque experience.

KV 2

VC as a Character is manipulative, cocky, who enjoys inflicting pain to his partner. His cockiness is showcased with his Rayban glasses throughout the movie, wherever he acts one. I wish Mani could have avoided close-up shots of Karthi, he literally made me jump on my feet panicked with those close-up shots. I feel he did his role ok. Aditi Rao Hydri, on the other hand, was the show stealer she did her part really well including the proper lip sync and all. Fortunately, we didn’t hear the noisy banter¬†of RJ Balaji and he was really unnecessary in the movie. Many other actors were underused and they really didn’t have a role to play in the movie.

I think it’s high time Mani focuses more on the Story-telling part and he should also move away from his Love genre for a while with his series of flops. Still, we love you Mani sir for the great movies you gave us for the lifetime. We are definitely a bit disappointed but we are confident enough to see you back on the action.

Happy Watching..:)

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Maanagaram – Movie Review

Most of us have relocated to the city for work and in spite of the fact that the city feeds us and helps us earn a living, we still curse it for various reasons. Most important of all people feel everyone has their own headache to handle and don’t help others. On these lines, the City (Maangaram) plays the lead in this movie and we are shown the people who are from different walks of life.

It is rather peculiar of the director to chose the city as one of the major characters in the movie and previously many movies tried to place the City Chennai as the hero but they either deviated from the plot or they show a different shade of the city.


I see this movie full of coincidences and ironies. From the first scene in which a wrong person is beaten up is also the place where three major characters coincidentally cross paths. In one another scene where two of the leads meet in a bus coincidentally. How these coincidences lead to confusions and How they come out of it? is the major plot. Interestingly the director weaved various plots and tried to connect all those different plots. It is really hard to do so for a debut but Lokesh Kanagaraj handled it rather brilliantly.

Music Director Javed Riaz¬†did a wonderful job with BGM and RR. S.K.Selvakumar the cinematographer who tried to capture the nights of Chennai city in a beautiful way. Few disappointments I find are the stalking and too much of coincidences in the movie. Otherwise, it’s definitely a brilliant attempt.

Ramdoss (Munishkanth) has to be definitely mentioned for the comical role. He cracks you up with the dialogues and the body language. He eases the movie a bit with his role and hopes he does such good comical roles in future. He definitely has a unique style to keep up. Charlie yet again proved that he can carry any role with ease and he is still an underrated supporting actor who can reach heights if, proper roles are offered to him and he plays one of the pivotal roles in the movie. Sri and Sundeep Kishan (Yaaruda Mahesh fame) did their parts well. Sri always tries to sign the roles which have a strong plot and good role for him. Also as many movies, the director left it open ended for the audience to choose what they want to think rather than giving a proper climax which I liked actually.

Dialogues also get a Special mention because few are really piquing and sharp. One of my favourites: Sri:Enna ooru na idhu? oruthan road la adipattu kedandha kettka oruthan illa?”
Charlie:Namma ketrukoma sir?”

It ain’t a path breaking movie but definitely a good one which shouldn’t be missed. Do catch up the movie in theatres, You won’t regret. Happy Watching..:)

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Kuttram 23 – Movie Review

A novel adaptation isn’t new to Tamil cinema but the trend is growing recently in the Industry.Not many could bring in the feel of reading a novel to a great Movie watching experience but few, shine in doing that. Rajesh Kumar, who is the¬†King of Tamil crime novels has lent one of his babies (Oops! Spoilers!) to director Arivazhagan.

A finely staged movie with perfection except for few flaws. I have read many of Rajesh Kumar’s novels and during my School days, we had a fan club for him. Trust me the conspiracies were amazing at that time and age. One predominant similarity in all his novels was the coincidence which will be definitely overloaded and How do coincidences happen often? pfft!


Arun Vijay perfectly blends into the role and I¬†would say he have improved a tad bit in his acting and his Screen presence is amazing. Mahima Nambiar has got a role to act in the movie, she scores well too but I personally feel the Love portion could have been avoided in this serious film. It was too amateurish of having a heroine compulsory in the movie which goes as a side track and this particular sequence is also very common in Rajesh Kumar’s novels.

Vishal Chandrasekaran did a decent job and Thanks to the director for not adding too many songs in the movie, otherwise, it would have been like speed breakers. The cameraman has done a great job and the editor as well. Thanks to Stunt master Silva for sticking to the natural fighting sequences. After watching the likes of Bhairavaa and Singam it feels good to see a decent stunt sequence in a movie.

In spite of few flaws and few cringeworthy backward thoughts/dialogues, the movie is definitely worth a watch. Although I could not come to an agreement with the Societal pressure of having a baby. Having a baby is purely the¬†choice of the couple. I also don’t understand What’s wrong with “Artificial Insemination” it is completely legal and why should it be wrong? When did they connect it with the “purity” of a woman with this thought?

Ah! Alright only now we have started accepting Adoption itself¬†and it will definitely take another half a century for us to come to terms with Artifical insemination and sperm donation. We are not in the age of Kings to have a lineage to take kingship. Times has changed and we should evolve too. Again it’s my personal opinion and you are open to having your opinions.

Again it is not necessary for the directors to be Socially responsible but if, they are its good. A good movie to watch and do not miss it. Happy Watching.:)

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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru -Tightly knit craft

Spoilers Ahead!

New comers aren’t bad always, is yet again proved by Karthick Naren, Director of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru. For, a Movie to be successful, a good plot accompanied by¬†good characters for the Script is important than choosing the Script for a Star. D16 proves to be yet another craft of¬†Filmmaking, without much Marketing but Word of Mouth, which¬†reached the masses.

Trailer was pretty much impressive which dragged me to Theaters to watch this Movie. Surprisingly many elements shown in the Trailer was different compared with¬†the whole Movie. I’m unsure if, the Trailer was intentional, to confuse the audience or did the director change the plot? Only he knows the truth…


Movie starts with rain and a slowing car. A masked man comes out of the car. Inside the apartment we see a couple embrace themselves in intimacy. Later, we hear a gunshot from there, our Lead (So called) character shares his POV on the case which changed his life or Should I say got him retired from his work? When the flashback is revealed and the information which gathered are scattered but the Director here helps us to place them in Chronological order. When these pieces are put together the tension builds-up.

Director also brilliantly used certain Camera shots while jumping between flashbacks and the present. Supporting BGM and Camera are added benefits to such movies.

This movie is not about a Protagonist or an Antagonist. Its about the Point of View. Again the dialogue placed at the end of the movie talks more about this. Watch the movie for yourself to relish your brain’s capability.

As per Tamil Cinema equation, there are few plot holes in the movie and I wouldn’t rather complain about the Climax which is open to discussion but the Director played smart in placing the “Taking back the cap from the apartment” scene, should also have also been careful in fixing those Plot holes. Some may argue that it was to confuse us but still it doesn’t prove a point in the actual plot.

A very good Movie from a New-comer who haven’t learnt the art of Film-making from any reputed directors but self-learnt. Tamil Cinema has already produced such tasteful filmmaker¬†in the likes of¬†Maniratnam,¬†Thyagarajan Kumararaja and few more. Let’s hope to see much more good movies from Karthick Naren and let Tamil audience award a Welcome bouquet to him in the form of Success.

D16 would definitely set a Trend in Tamil Film Industry, If, I am not wrong, and this Movie has definitely proved songs are not needed for Movies anymore and Tamil audience are likely to appreciate it and accept it.