Ooty|Kothagiri|Osahatti – Photo Dairies

Last weekend I had to travel to Ooty for one of my colleague’s wedding and he is from the “Badaga Community”. I was curious to attend the marriage because I’ve never seen one, hence the trip was planned a month back. Although I’ve been to Ooty multiple times it was always a day’s visit and not more than that. Since the trip was with Friends we had a leverage of visiting some not so common places of the city. I tried to capture some breathtaking pictures of Ooty and other places I visited. The best part is I not only just took the picture but enjoyed each and every moment.

The Fernhills Palace, Ooty

A walk with Nature




and here my favourite picture and it was unintentional but this picture is just breathtaking and very picturesque when I encountreed it 🙂

FullSizeRender 20

Had such a wonderful time there enjoying the serenity of the hills. I understood that I am not only a Sea person but also a hill person… 😛


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