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Looking for a Creative Journal? Then you must not miss this…

I am a person who adapts to the technology but there are certain things which I couldn’t give up that easy because I got used it and I just love the way it is. One of them being Writing Journals and the other being my love for Paperback novels. 😛

One fine day when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw a post on a beautiful Journal. I personally haven’t had one, all my journal writing were in my dairies. So, this journal captivated my eyes because she was such a beauty 😍


Coincidentally one of my Blogging friends tagged me to Matrika’s Creative Women’s Journal (Well gender equality you see :P) and I immediately registered myself. The delivery was quite a surprise to me because I received it on the 5th day of my registration. They delivered it so fast and I was all excited to open the box and hold my first ever Journal.

What I loved about this particular Journal is that you can do anything you want. They have a ruled page for your creative side to unleash.

Pages to Doodle


Stickers and Adult Colouring pages.

As far as I remember I haven’t seen anything as interesting of this sorts. Well, I am not exaggerating buy one for yourself and experience it.

I started writing on it when I received. With a Gel pen and my favourite Ink pen. It’s smooth and feels good to write. Although I stopped writing for a long time this Journal made me write again on paper.

Will I buy it next time? I absolutely will and I also recommend you to buy one.

Please check out their Facebook Page and their Website to know about their other products.

Happy Writing.. 🙂



Marketing Graduate by Education, Sales guy by profession, Entrepreneur by passion. Writing is a New way of communication I encountered recently and instantly fell in Love with..:) Am Ambivert, I call myself a Film Critic though I have loads of Movies to explore. Not a Foodie but love to experiment with foods and different cuisines

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