5 Underrated Superheroines of DC Animated Universe

I always prefer DC over Marvel because I find most of the DC Superhero’s or heroines very much relatable. Yet another reason to love DC is because of the number of Superhero’s without Superhuman abilities but just the skills they possess after training. Here, I present you the 5 Underrated Superheroines of DC Animated Universe in no specific order.

Artemis: Appeared in Young Justice Animated series and she is also Kid Flash’s wife in it. She is very much underrated because of various reasons and one such is that the team always had a benefit of doubt on her. She was Green Arrow’s sidekick who also possesses excellent strength for her age and she is also an impressive markswoman.


Huntress: Appeared in various episodes of Justice League unlimited and her Story arc is different in the various ages of comics. In one such story arc, she was Batman’s and Cat women’s daughter. In the Animated Universe, it was different. She is an excellent gymnast and a Martial artist, who can combat and disarm armed villains with ease. She was used very less in various JL missions and was also thrown out of Justice League because of her thirst to kill. She deserved to be in the League and also a separate Movie.


Vixen: A supermodel who turned to be a Superheroine with her Mystical amulet. She can mimic the power of various animals and use their powers to fight her opponents. Some of her mimicking powers include Elephant’s strength, Speed and Claws of Cheetah, Infra-red vision of a reptile and much more. Again many wouldn’t know this name but her powers are endless.


Zatanna: She has two different Story arcs in Justice League unlimited and Young Justice. She is a real Magician who fought numerous battles against Mystic creatures. One of the underrated but a powerful superheroine.


Black Canary: Many know her as Laurel Lance from Arrow TV Series but in Animated Universe she is Dinah Lance. An excellent hand-to-hand combat fighter and her Canary cry is an ultrasonic scream capable of her opponents and others who come close to the sound can go deaf. If removed Wonder Woman’s power, Canary can defeat her with ease but with powers, she still can withstand Wonder Woman.


Ultimately these are the Superheroines who were underused in many of the battles fought by Justice League or they were not known at all. I tried to bring these names to light and hope they get some fame they deserve in the near future.

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20 thoughts on “5 Underrated Superheroines of DC Animated Universe

      1. Oh! You can read Comics bro… All the best for your Script and looking forward to see your name in the big screen

    1. Relax there buddy… I haven’t read Comics and shared this post… I got the information from Animated Series and Movies with some research later on…

  1. Zatanna and Black Canary aren’t underrated. In fact, Zatanna is probably as strong as Constantine or even stronger when it comes to magic. Everyone in the league knows Canary for her skills and that’s not including the Canary Cry. One character to be underrated a lot in the animation universe is Raven. She is a lot more powerful than she is shown as.

    1. Lol! Philip I am pretty sure you never know about these characters I’ve mentioned… Dr. Strange has even more powerful enemies in Marvel Universe itself and he is not that powerful… So, You are comparing Appels and Oranges here…

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