Raavanan the Tribe

Raavanan.  The Story of a Tribal Leader (Vikram) who takes revenge on Superintendent of  Police (Prithiviraj)  for the death of his Sister(Priyamani).

This post is not actually a review of that movie but the matter which Mani Ratnam tries to say about. Mani Ratnam had designed only a Revenge of a Single Person against the government. But the fact is that the same thing happens in Northern part of India.

For example Let’s take Naxlalite who are basically tribal’s who fights against Government for saving Our Natural Resources from selling them to the Multi National Companies. Our Indian Government actually planned to move the Tribal’s from their place Naxalbari a Village in West Bengal where lots of natural chemical resources are present.  Government selled those lands to some billion or trillion crores to MNC’s. When the MNC’s tried to occupy those villages tribal’s who live there fought against them. Now government declared them as Terrorist Groups. Same case happened to the Maoists. A Dialogue in Raavanan ” Avanga Adichanga Naama thiruppi adichom, avanga thupaaki eduthanga naama kambu eduthom” that’s the case of tribals present situation not only in India but all over the World .

Each and every Government creates a Terrorist group for their safety and once their need get over they declare hem as terrorist groups and try to murder all. Laksher-e-thoiba very famous terrorist group was created by U.S Government. Now they are tracing out the Leader of that Group.  Does any 1 knew the story of laksher-e-thoiba and about Bin laden?

…….Will be Continued……


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