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The World of FlashPoint Crossover Series – Part 2

Remember, in my previous post, I have mentioned that, there are 6 TBP’s (Trade Paper Back’s) which comprises this Mini-series to complete a full circle, Now is the time. I have finally completed reading the balance 3 “The World of Flashpoint” mini-series which ultimately connects to the major Flashpoint Storyline.

Umm! Okay, I know people who are not into comics might be scratching their heads. Don’t worry, let me explain things for you in a Flash (See What I did there :P). Alright, The World of Flashpoint Mini-series is all about various things happening across the universe, even in the outer space when the Scarlet Speedster The Flash decided to do something which he couldn’t do (This is the major plot point and I don’t want to ruin that for you). When he went back in time and did something, the entire timeline disrupted because of that one event and as a butterfly effect the World has completely changed. In the previous post, I gave you a glimpse of Barry Allen (The Flash) waking up without realising what he did and tries to understand this universe, The alternate and the darkest version of Batman and then we also saw the causes and the reasons which caused a rift between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Now, allow me to delve you into other important characters and events which will help The Flash to fix the timestream.

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint featuring Superman


This alternate version of Superman is new except that I have seen him in various Animated Movies and TV shows. I love the way the story takes twists and portrays Superman and his origin differently. The, What if situation about the Superman’s Origin is beautifully handled is what I must say.

The World of Flashpoint part: I liked the way Traci 13’s character is written but the end was more dramatic and sounded like an Indianisation for me where they could have brainstormed more in order to give a more different and interesting ending to her story.

Booster Gold: My first encounter with him in Comics and he is kinda nice the way he is written. I’m also eagerly looking forward to what Booster and The Flash can do to bring things back to normal. On a whole, this TBP is not as bad as I expected but a very decent read.

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint featuring Green Lantern


The TBP starts off with Abin-Sur’s mini-series which gives us a brief on his existence and how he plays a major role in the grand scheme of things. They also deal with the Blackest night event with this mini-series but not on a grand scale.

I somehow liked the Frankenstein and the Creatures of the unknown. The narrative and the characters kept me hooked. Their story starts from World War 2 and how they end up in the current era. This mini-series was really interesting to read.

On the hindsight, we also get Hal Jordon (The Current Green Lantern) who in this world is a Piolet as any other previous worlds. He is as irresponsible as all his other story arcs but one good thing is he does an ultimate sacrifice to prove his worth.

We also get a glimpse of Green Arrow industries where they build a final weapon to end the great war between Atlantians and the Amazonians. This TBP was not great but not bad either.

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint featuring The Flash


The last TBP in the Flashpoint Series books. Think I read the series in the wrong order, nevertheless I was able to connect the dots and fill the gaps. In this TBP we are first introduced to the story of Reverse – Flash who is the greatest arch-enemy of The Flash and the story really holds good.

Then we are Introduced to Citizen Cold, not Captain Cold in this universe. Snort being Snort he tries to play a Hero, again Snort has a certain moral compass and he still holds that here, although he does some gruesome things still it is Snort whom we are talking about and that Story is interesting as well.

Legion of Doom comes into the picture and this story revolves majorly around the rift between Heatwave and Cyborg, we also see Plastic Man, Black Manta, Thinker and many others. This mini-series deals with how all of them take their revenge on Cyborg for putting them behind the bars.

Then we see the King Grood who is bored to death for not having anyone to fight or rip their skull out and this storyline doesn’t fit so much into the narrative I guess.

At last, we have Kid Flash who is struck in the 31st Century with Hot Pursuit where Brainiac has occupied the world. Then we see how they pursue to change the past, the usual Flash thing and I wouldn’t want to break your surprises there, Kid Flash reaches the Flash finally and gives his piece of advice, then the story ends here.

On the whole, this TBP is really good compared to the most and I would rate it next to the Batman TBP which I loved the most. For people who would like to read The Flashpoint event with the order of it happening please check this space.

Thus, I end this series with 2 parts and hope with these 2 parts I nudged you enough to start reading Comics. I also understand many wouldn’t know where to start reading comics. I haven’t read Marvel Comics and I cannot recommend you at that end but with regards to DC, they reboot as a whole often which will be a perfect vehicle for many to start with not getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

With regards to DC, you can start with DC Rebirth which was started in 2016 and still continues. There some major events which took place in the last 2 years one being the Doomsday Clock one of the major events happening and the other one being DC Metal series. Think I am not confusing you with my over-enthusiastic writing here. Do comment if at all you have any questions and I would be glad to answer them. Be warned, I’m as new to this world of Comic books and I’m still learning. Hope, I piqued your interest.

Happy Reading 🙂


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The title that doesn’t fit the narrative - Viswasam Review

An Ajith-Siva combo comes out with their fourth film together with Ajith fans going gaga about the movie as usual and the others are not so whelmed with the series of underwhelming movies this combo gave us. After the previous disaster in the name of Vivegam, I lost hope in this combo and am really hoping Ajith to stop making movies with Director Siva for just one reason, Man, we need a break and we definitely need an Ajith who is not constantly praised for his humility, good heart so on and so forth. Atleast both these individuals need a change from each other and we as the audience also need a breath of fresh air to see Ajith in various other avatars. Read the rest of the review here.

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New Year – New Resolutions

Hello Folks, how are you all? Yet another year has gone and here I stand with not so much of satisfaction with What I have not done in the previous year. I know to start a blog post with a negative tone but you know realising what you haven’t done in the past and finding ways to fix all those errors is a start of a New Beginning. Apart from a few happy things happened last year I have embraced lots of bad habits and attitudes in my personal and professional life (Here, I confessed).

So, I decided to start the new year with a New resolution. I’m a man who has never taken any resolutions because I know, I wouldn’t adhere to them anyways. Why false promise and start a new year? I always have goals and try to work towards achieving them that too I started doing this just a couple of years back but not long ago. So, Why resolution this year alone you might ask? Well, because my life is messed up or should I say I messed it up so much? That sounds better.

Last year, I had to become a responsible person owing to having a Life partner and to be true to these words she has become my partner in crime at most of the things I do which I love and this year we both are going to be even more responsible because we are bringing a life to this earth. She is trying her best to be more responsible and shouldn’t I do my part the least? So, this resolution is all about making my life more productive, organising my life and having to have more leisure time to spend time with my family also dedicating enough time to my other activities apart from work.

A good friend of mine introduced me to the term Bullet Journaling and I am sure many would have come across this practice. I myself was very much overwhelmed with the number of things we can do with this. I decided to really start doing this but again the lazy person in me didn’t quite exactly adhere to the process called “Writing regularly” thus the delay in this blog post which should have practically been written and released in the first week of January. I thought it is never too late and here is the post. This post is basically me informing the world that I am starting something new and please do shed some light on How many of you started Journaling or Bullet Journaling and How helpful was it or How organised your life turned? This post is also about a constant reminder for me that I should regularly Journal and adhere to the goals I set for myself. Here are some of the pictures I took while setting up my Bullet Journal. Hope, it is not as messier as I am thinking it is.

Hope, the narrative of this post is readable and Thank you once again for everyone who supported me through toughest of times, Thank you for the ones who really encouraged me to push my boundaries and Thank you to my Lovable wife who constantly encourages me to do the things I like instead of being a roadblock :P. Happy New year 2019 to all of you and have a wonderful year ahead.

P.S: Last year few might have seen one of my posts being re-directed to Medium websites and you will see this activity a lot this year. I have decided to segregate my blog posts, especially the Movie Reviews to be shared on Medium and other posts will be available here for people to read. Thank you.

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Podcast Recommendations

Hello, How have you all been? Long time. I hope every one of you is gearing up to face the end of this year 2018 and planning to add something to your goals or Wishlist. All the best to all those things you are planning to do for the next year.

One thing I’m very proud of doing in 2018 was starting to listen to Podcast. Most of my daily work routine these days involves a lot of travelling. I used to listen to music but when one of the most famed YouTube Channel Film Riot announced their Podcast, I was very excited because I’ve been meaning to start listening to the Podcasts and explore that area of Infotainment for a long time. Well, now I have officially entered into the World of Podcast and I’ve even started my own (#Marketing). One of the major problems I found with Podcasts is that it is a Pandora box and for beginners like me it will really be hard to find a good Podcast where you can find yourselves connected.

To read the complete story go here.

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | O for Orion

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To begin with, Orion is the son of Darkseid. For non-DC readers, Darkseid is the most powerful being in the face of Universe. If it is Thanos for Marvel universe, it is Darkseid for DC (I’m not comparing both obviously, but I’m just giving you an idea).

There exists the Fourth World where New Genesis (More like the heaven of DC Universe) and Apokolips (More like the hell of DC Universe) fight with each other constantly. In order to bring peace the leaders of both these universes agreed to exchange their kids and raise them which form a “The Pact” treaty. Darkseid received Scott Free aka Mr Miracle. Whereas High Father, Leader of New Genesis received Orion.


Orion, owing to his genes from Darkseid has a savage nature and it also made him look different from the peaceful other natives of New Genesis. In order to contain the dark fury, Orion was given a Motherbox (A sentient computer) to calm his temper. He was taught to respect the source, a training that has helped him to manage his dark fury.

Orion has also served with the Team Justice league for a couple of operations. Even though he is considered to be one of the New Gods, he loves to roam in the Earth quite often. Thus he ended up serving in the Justice League. Orion has the strength, stamina and durability that of Superman’s. i.e., He can fight head on head with Superman and still contain Sups easily.

Powers and abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Invulnerability – He is impossible to be stopped on Earth since there are no substances that could resist or affect his power.
  • Immortality – Like all the New Gods he also possesses this power.
  • Superhuman Stamina, speed, senses and reflexes.
  • Healing and Immunity to diseases
  • Energy and Matter manipulation
  • Size alteration
  • Flight and much more



  • Radiation
  • Uncontrollable Rage and
  • Psychic Vulneurability

Some Recommendations:

I know, I know it has been so long that I couldn’t write about these underrated DC Characters. I hope to finish this A to Z Challenge before the end of this year. 😛

Happy reading 🙂

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The World of FlashPoint Crossover Series – Part 1

I have been planning to do a DC Multiverse blogging series, which comprises of Comics, Movies, TV Series, Animated movies and Series but you know as usual I was so lazy and going to tell the same reasons, I had so much in my plate hence, couldn’t go with that. Now I decided to do the same. You can expect some DC comics reviews from now on. I am starting with the most recent one New 52 (2011)

Why New 52?

DC wanted to reboot their whole line of the Comic book heroes and villains and in order to do that, they obviously have The Flash Scarlet Speedster the one who can travel through time. Thus the mini-series The World of Flashpoint. When The Flash wakes up he realises that he is in a different time where the heroes become Villians and the Villians become heroes. On top of that Amazonians (The tribe Wonder Woman belongs) and Atlantians (The tribe Aquaman belongs) are at a war. The Flash somehow resolves all these issues and gets to the actual timeline. After this huge event, DC came with 52 different heroes thus the name New 52.

The World of Flashpoint Series:

When The Flash (Barry Allen) found himself in a different timeline, the roles were reversed and the story happened in the elseworld. This Mini-series explores how various major Super-heroes are in this timeline. You can also watch Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.



This Trade Paperback (TBP) starts with Barry waking up in a different Timeline without Power. They also establish the characters and the problem in this Earth. How Barry ended up here, How did he reset the Timeline and How did he get his power back? This Book answers it all.

I enjoyed the read and of course, Barry and his stupidity always cause issues, he should understand it once and for all. Well, then where is the fun if Barry Allen doesn’t make a mistake? Though the plot is good and since Flashpoint is my first stint with Flash comic altogether I am in no position to point out mistakes or understand the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and hope to enjoy the rest of the Flashpoint storylines before I start the New 52 Series.

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint featuring Batman


A Batman can’t be darker than this. This particular TPB has the story arcs of few characters apart from Batman or should I say characters related to Batman except for Secret Seven.

Batman: Thomas Wayne being a Batman adds some dark flavour to the whole series and he is not moral enough as Bruce. Who would be in the twisted world? As Joker being the all-time enemy of Bats also has a dark past and the revelation is shocking and bothering.

Dick Greyson: Dick belongs to the circus as the actual story arc but the story takes a sudden turn which makes him a different person than the original and I loved the way the story was taken with twists and turns with Deadman being part of Dick’s life.

Deathstroke: Such a badass selfish, asshole he is and in this Story arc he plays a Pirate still he has his actual healing abilities with his mercenary skills. Not much change in the character arc but the story arc is engaging.

Secret Seven: That was so damn gruesome. Enchantress was her regular self and manipulative.

I really wish they could have extended the stories instead of letting them hang in the air. A collection of Short Comic stories which gives much insight into the whole Flashpoint arc and the ruckus created by Barry without his knowledge.

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint featuring Wonder WomanFPWW

This TBP focuses more on the reason for the War between Atlantians and the Amazonians. I thought this book would give a glimpse of the initial stages of War and related to it but was taken for a roller coaster ride.
If only the Authors could have stopped with Wonder Woman and Aquaman the whole TBP would have been better and they could have released a separate TBP for Resistance & The Outsiders where both had an important role to play in the whole Flashpoint Paradox.
Seems they had other plans. Although the story and the pace were good to an extent it was tiring to read and see the same few incidents repeating. Otherwise, this is a decent read. I don’t want to break the ice by revealing the reasons. I would suggest you read it by yourself.

Thus comes the end of Part 1 of The Flashpoint Mini-series. There are 3 other books in this mini-series. Once I finish them will update with another blog post. If this piques your interest please don’t hesitate to pick the book and I’m sure you would enjoy.

Happy Reading 🙂


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Pazhaya Kanakku (பழைய கணக்கு) – Book Review

Title: Pazhaya Kanakku
Author: Sa.Vishwanatha (Savi)
Language: Tamil
No. of Pages: 242
Format: eBook
Genre: Non-Fiction

I’m not sure how many would have heard his name. Few would have heard from Kamal’s or Crazy Mohan’s interview but when it comes to the Tamil Journalism the name “Savi” has made a mark. If we have Cho for Satire we have Savi for Comedy. I haven’t had a chance to read the weekly run by him but this book really is an outset to understand the person in his professional and personal life.

கயிற்றின் முனையில் லூஸாகப் பிரிந்து கிடக்கும் சில நூல்களைச் சேர்த்துத் திரித்து விட்டால் அந்தக் கயிறு முழுவதும் எப்படி முறுக்கேறி ‘சிக்’கென்று ஆகிவிடுகிறதோ, அத்தகைய பலத்தை அந்த ஒரு வரி உண்டாக்கி விடும். இந்தக் கலையில் கல்கி ஒரு மாமன்னன்.

Writer/Journalist Savi has worked with legends of Tamil Journalism industry like S.S. Vasan of Vikatan, Kalki. Krishnamoorthy of Kalki and he has inspired many writers. Writer Savi not only encouraged new writers but also played a bigger role in re-shaping Tamil weekly and dailies.

It is not easy for a legend like him to put so many things out in public. Being an important personality many would think a lot before talking about the mistakes they did while they were as kids or teens but Savi didn’t care two hoots. There were incidents where he mentioned about feeling sexually aroused by a girl from “Kuravar” caste which isn’t normal in Tamil scene owing to the High and low, class conflict.

உதவியாசிரியர் என்பவருக்கு முக்கியமாக ப்ரூஃப் திருத்தத் தெரிந்திருக்க வேண்டும். அரசியல், கலை விமரிசனம், பயணக் கட்டுரை, விகடத் துணுக்கு இதெல்லாம் எழுதத் தெரிய வேண்டும். சுருக்கமாகவும், தெளிவாகவும் எழுதுவது ரொம்ப முக்கியம். இவை எல்லாவற்றையும்விட கதைகளைப் படித்துத் தேர்ந்தெடுத்து அவற்றைக் குறைத்துக் கூட்டி ‘எடிட்’ செய்யும் திறமை ரொம்ப ரொம்ப முக்கியம்.”

This book is the collection of various incidents took place in his life at various points and each event is an episode. The reason, I was able to finish this book in a very short span was that of the easy language and the way he writes comedy. The man has a knack to make you laugh and I’m really looking forward to reading his novel “Washingtonil Thirumanam” which was published in Ananda Vikatan for 11 weeks without revealing the Author’s name until the last episode. Do grab this book for more interesting facts about then Political conditions, Journalism and its climate.

This marks the third non-fiction book of this year which really hooked me. I sort of started developing more love for non-fiction books these days. I strongly urge everyone who loves to know about Writer Savi and his life, the mistakes and learnings from his life. He not only learnt from them but he teaches us through this book.

Happy Reading 🙂

Interesting facts about Writer Savi was listed by Ananda Vikatan Tamil weekly and do give it a read.

Part – 1, Part – 2, Part – 3, Part – 4, Part – 5

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My Husband and Other Animals – Book Review

Title: My Husband and Other Animals
Author: Janaki Lenin
Total No. of Pages: 296
Format: eBook
Genre: Non-Fiction

The title was intriguing enough for me to pick up this book. I haven’t heard of Janaki Lenin or Romulus Whitaker or Lee Durrell before this book. How often do we come across a Non-fiction book especially about Crawlers, Animals and birds to be interesting? We haven’t, atleast I haven’t. After reading this book things changed for me and Janaki, not only made me sit through 296 pages with a treasure trove of information and knowledge but this is also one of the longest read for me. I literally took 5 months to finish this book with so many breaks inbetween to digest all those pieces of information.

If we can collectively recall our evolutionary history, acknowledge our dependence on the ecosystem functions sustained by biodiversity and behave as if we believe in it, then Earth . . . and we . . . will survive

This book not only talks about the animals, birds and crawlers but also the life of this couple on their own farm or should I call a forest? I was made to enter into the wildlife with ease because of the kind of writing style Janaki imbibed in her book which let me peek into their journey to various countries and villages in India and outside.

Half-way through the book, I got to know that this was a collection of articles Janaki published in Hindu and when I completed this book she released her second book which I’m definitely going to buy. What made me immerse into this book was the humour Janaki added to each of the episodes.

what compels us humans to gobble and destroy our way through Earth’s resources until there is no tomorrow?’ The answer is that we have forgotten how we became human beings, how we evolved with and depended upon other species.

I am lost in words of How much I love this book that I will keep going back and read it whenever I feel like. I recommend this book to everyone even if you don’t like non-fiction nor to read about animals. I’m sure you’ll love it and crave for more. Thank me later 😛

Happy reading and do share your thoughts if you have already read this book. Cheers 🙂


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Movie Review – Irumbu Thirai

Spoilers ahead, Read at your own risk 😛

It has been so long that I’ve written a Movie Review. We don’t come across a thoughtful and a perfect commercial cinema in Tamil and these days it has become rare to find one such movie that too from a debutant Director.

Irumbu Thirai as a movie works for me at various levels starting from Samantha as Dr. Rathi Devi, her role as a supporting heroine but not as a loosuponnu, Arjun as White Devil the terrifying Villian with very limited screen presence (Many compared him with Siddharth Abimanyu of Thani Oruvan but philosophically they both are different), Vishal as a protagonist but not as a hero and Delhi Ganesh’s performance as a Dad. The movie is written well on paper and executed even better on screen.

samantha irumbuthirai

P.S. Mithran as a debut director grabs attention with his meticulous detailing with regards to technology and technical terms used, his dialogues were not forced but was on point and sharp. Even though Robo Shankar comes throughout the movie, his comedy was not irritating but rib-tickling at moments. Comedy track didn’t seem forced but came naturally, same with the love portions. It’s been so long to see the leads fall in love naturally rather than being forced.

Irumbu Thirai

The movie naturally started flowing into the story, in the first act and it set a perfect stage, although we might feel the movie starts only after the conflict. I couldn’t stop noticing that many actually felt the movie actually started after the first half but it was not the hero who seems to be uninterested in his family, later gets caught in an issue because of his family. He meets the Doctor who helps him out of his anger issues, later she plays a key role in motivating him to understand his enemy. In Major Kathiravan we don’t see a hero but a protagonist, who is vulnerable and constantly learns frrom his enemy to beat him.

After Sandakozhi, I felt Vishal was a perfect fit in the action sequences, thanks to Dhileep Subburayan for doing the action choreography well. Yuvan’s background music adds a boost to the movie but over a period the theme for Vishal was repetitive. George. C. Williams’s camera takes us amidst the crowded streets and doesn’t shake much during the fight scenes, the shots at night were beautiful.


I must definitely mention about our antagonist here, White Devil, who holds the kingpin ID of Darknet. The reason for Arjun’s limited screen presence was intentional I guess, owing to his character’s anonymity. We never know who wages cyber warfare among the greedy individuals. I see White Devil as an extended version of Gandhi Babu from Sathuranga Vettai, The only difference is Gandhi babu directly loots money from the victims with his schemes but White Devil appoints someone, but both of them instigate greed or they think so. Among the various takeaway’s from the movie, the major takeaway for me is perspective.

White Devil considers himself to be a Robin Hood if you notice he claims that he looted money from people who cheated the bank or Government on various points, but on the hindsight, it was different. Major Kathiravn’s, on the other hand, had genuine reasons, as most of White Devil’s victims were, they were cheating just so that their work can be done but cheating isn’t the lesson. I would like to quote Amish Tripathi from the Immortals of Meluha which sums up my thoughts “There is your truth and there is my truth. As for the universal truth, it does not exist“.

Irumbu Thirai is definitely a Welcome change in Vishal’s career and a good start for P.S. Mithran as a director in Tamil Cinema. As an ardent Cinephile, I welcome you with a bouquet sir. 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | N for Nightwing


Dick Grayson, coming from the family of Acrobats he grew up in the circus during his childhood. Since the whole family are Trapeze artists, they are called the famous Flying Greysons. The young Greyson saw his parents die during one of their acts, where it was revealed that a mob boss named Zucco planned this because the Circus owner didn’t pay them the money they asked.

Bruce Wayne, the famous Billionaire was also part of the circus and saw the death of Greyson’s. Feeling sympathetic for the boy, Bruce adopted him and became his legal ward. Seeing his parents die, Dick doesn’t want revenge but Justice, which forms the major difference between both Bruce and Dick. Later, DIck decides to join Bruce in the crime-fighting business, due to his natural acrobatic skill and the sense of Justice made it easier for Batman to train him and make him his side-kick. Thus started the journey of Robin the Boy wonder

It is very important to understand the roots of Dick Greyson before he became the Nightwing. While fighting crimes with Batman, Dick also started a team called Teen Titans, joining hands with Kid Flash (Flash’s sidekick), Aqualad (Aquaman’s sidekick), Wonder Girl (Wonder Woman’s sidekick) and Speedy (Arrow’s side-kick) and started fighting crime. Later, he grew up to become their leader. During one such conversation with Batman, he got furious and asked Dick to be focused while fighting crime with him and eventually Dick was thrown out of the Bat manor. Dick decides to find himself and left crimefighting for a while but Deathstroke attacked him, and Dick understood that Deathstroke is been attacking all the members of Teen Titans. He later took the mantle of Nightwing.


Dick Greyson is considered to be one of the best Robin’s so far due to his fighting abilities, sense of justice he even took the mantle of Batman for sometime when Batman was believed to be dead. Some of dicks abilities include his peak human strength, peak human endurance, he is a master Martial artist – he was trained in various martial arts by Batman, he also posses a genius level intellect.

Some reading recommendations for you:

Nightwing Volume 1 – Traps and Trapezes by Kyle Higgins
Nightwing – Better than Batman by Tim Seeley
Batman: The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder
Nightwing: Year One by Chuck Dixon

I would like to thank my friend Kishor for suggesting to write about Nightwing. Hope the readers liked this post and to read my previous post on this series please click here.

Ciao 🙂


History of Nightwing
Dick Greyson