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Movie Review – Irumbu Thirai

Spoilers ahead, Read at your own risk 😛

It has been so long that I’ve written a Movie Review. We don’t come across a thoughtful and a perfect commercial cinema in Tamil and these days it has become rare to find one such movie that too from a debutant Director.

Irumbu Thirai as a movie works for me at various levels starting from Samantha as Dr. Rathi Devi, her role as a supporting heroine but not as a loosuponnu, Arjun as White Devil the terrifying Villian with very limited screen presence (Many compared him with Siddharth Abimanyu of Thani Oruvan but philosophically they both are different), Vishal as a protagonist but not as a hero and Delhi Ganesh’s performance as a Dad. The movie is written well on paper and executed even better on screen.

samantha irumbuthirai

P.S. Mithran as a debut director grabs attention with his meticulous detailing with regards to technology and technical terms used, his dialogues were not forced but was on point and sharp. Even though Robo Shankar comes throughout the movie, his comedy was not irritating but rib-tickling at moments. Comedy track didn’t seem forced but came naturally, same with the love portions. It’s been so long to see the leads fall in love naturally rather than being forced.

Irumbu Thirai

The movie naturally started flowing into the story, in the first act and it set a perfect stage, although we might feel the movie starts only after the conflict. I couldn’t stop noticing that many actually felt the movie actually started after the first half but it was not the hero who seems to be uninterested in his family, later gets caught in an issue because of his family. He meets the Doctor who helps him out of his anger issues, later she plays a key role in motivating him to understand his enemy. In Major Kathiravan we don’t see a hero but a protagonist, who is vulnerable and constantly learns frrom his enemy to beat him.

After Sandakozhi, I felt Vishal was a perfect fit in the action sequences, thanks to Dhileep Subburayan for doing the action choreography well. Yuvan’s background music adds a boost to the movie but over a period the theme for Vishal was repetitive. George. C. Williams’s camera takes us amidst the crowded streets and doesn’t shake much during the fight scenes, the shots at night were beautiful.


I must definitely mention about our antagonist here, White Devil, who holds the kingpin ID of Darknet. The reason for Arjun’s limited screen presence was intentional I guess, owing to his character’s anonymity. We never know who wages cyber warfare among the greedy individuals. I see White Devil as an extended version of Gandhi Babu from Sathuranga Vettai, The only difference is Gandhi babu directly loots money from the victims with his schemes but White Devil appoints someone, but both of them instigate greed or they think so. Among the various takeaway’s from the movie, the major takeaway for me is perspective.

White Devil considers himself to be a Robin Hood if you notice he claims that he looted money from people who cheated the bank or Government on various points, but on the hindsight, it was different. Major Kathiravn’s, on the other hand, had genuine reasons, as most of White Devil’s victims were, they were cheating just so that their work can be done but cheating isn’t the lesson. I would like to quote Amish Tripathi from the Immortals of Meluha which sums up my thoughts “There is your truth and there is my truth. As for the universal truth, it does not exist“.

Irumbu Thirai is definitely a Welcome change in Vishal’s career and a good start for P.S. Mithran as a director in Tamil Cinema. As an ardent Cinephile, I welcome you with a bouquet sir. 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | N for Nightwing


Dick Grayson, coming from the family of Acrobats he grew up in the circus during his childhood. Since the whole family are Trapeze artists, they are called the famous Flying Greysons. The young Greyson saw his parents die during one of their acts, where it was revealed that a mob boss named Zucco planned this because the Circus owner didn’t pay them the money they asked.

Bruce Wayne, the famous Billionaire was also part of the circus and saw the death of Greyson’s. Feeling sympathetic for the boy, Bruce adopted him and became his legal ward. Seeing his parents die, Dick doesn’t want revenge but Justice, which forms the major difference between both Bruce and Dick. Later, DIck decides to join Bruce in the crime-fighting business, due to his natural acrobatic skill and the sense of Justice made it easier for Batman to train him and make him his side-kick. Thus started the journey of Robin the Boy wonder

It is very important to understand the roots of Dick Greyson before he became the Nightwing. While fighting crimes with Batman, Dick also started a team called Teen Titans, joining hands with Kid Flash (Flash’s sidekick), Aqualad (Aquaman’s sidekick), Wonder Girl (Wonder Woman’s sidekick) and Speedy (Arrow’s side-kick) and started fighting crime. Later, he grew up to become their leader. During one such conversation with Batman, he got furious and asked Dick to be focused while fighting crime with him and eventually Dick was thrown out of the Bat manor. Dick decides to find himself and left crimefighting for a while but Deathstroke attacked him, and Dick understood that Deathstroke is been attacking all the members of Teen Titans. He later took the mantle of Nightwing.


Dick Greyson is considered to be one of the best Robin’s so far due to his fighting abilities, sense of justice he even took the mantle of Batman for sometime when Batman was believed to be dead. Some of dicks abilities include his peak human strength, peak human endurance, he is a master Martial artist – he was trained in various martial arts by Batman, he also posses a genius level intellect.

Some reading recommendations for you:

Nightwing Volume 1 – Traps and Trapezes by Kyle Higgins
Nightwing – Better than Batman by Tim Seeley
Batman: The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder
Nightwing: Year One by Chuck Dixon

I would like to thank my friend Kishor for suggesting to write about Nightwing. Hope the readers liked this post and to read my previous post on this series please click here.

Ciao 🙂


History of Nightwing
Dick Greyson

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A to z Blogging Challenge | M for Martian Manhunter and others

Seems DC has so many underrated Superheroes whose name starts with M. Unable to leave any since all these Characters are nearly unavoidable, I’ve asked my friends on Facebook, few WhatsApp groups and my Whatsapp story. Initially, I thought of writing about all but I decided to write the ones which people asked for. Here, I present you few of the characters from the list.

Martian Manhunter


J’onn J’onzz aka Martian Manhunter, the name itself represents his origin. J’onn is from Mars who was a peacekeeper on his planet. He was accidentally teleported to Earth by a Scientist. Seeing J’onn the Scientist died of Heart attack. From then on J’onn used his ability of Shapeshifting to live among the humans and serve the needy. There are various other origin stories of this amazingly powerful and underrated Superhero but let’s stick to his Golden Age origin.

For, people who have watched Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoon would be aware of Martian Manhunter where he was the founding member of Justice League. Recently, he has been a part of CW’s Supergirl Tv Series. J’onn over the course of time on Earth has faced many adventures individually and with his Justice League teammates. J’onn goes on to be a founding member of Justice League of America.

Some of his powers and abilities include Superhuman strength, well he can fight toe to toe with Superman and there was an instance where he took down the whole Justice League on his own that explains all. His shapeshifting ability, Telepathy (He is considered to be a powerful telepath on Earth, flight, Invulnerability, X-ray vision, Martian vision and much more.

Some Watching recommendations:

As I mentioned earlier he is part of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited TV Series (Animated)

Young Justice Cartoon – This should give you a fair idea about him and his powers.

Miss Martian

Miss Martian

M’gann M’orzz aka Miss Martian belongs to the race of White Martians who are generally known for being evil but M’gann wanted to seek redemption for her entire race and prove that White Martians can be good too. She became the part of Teen Titans and told them a different story. Using her Shapeshifting abilities and respect for J’onn she maintained the Green colour skin. According to the Young Justice, Cartoon J’onn knows about the true origin of M’gann and let her be in the team and prove her worthiness.

Some of her powers and abilities include Super strength, super speed (She can fly incredibly fast), Mind control, invisibility (Just like her uncle J’onn), size alteration, X-ray vision and much more. She is one of the strongest female characters in the DC Universe.

Some reading and Watching Recommendations:

Young Justice Season 1 & 2 TV Show – A must watch, it is totally fun and you will be yearning for more but Season 3 is up on the cards, we will have to wait until its release.
Teen Titans, Volume III, 37 – Gosh I’m unable to find the Goodreads link, but attaching the DC Wiki link. This is the issue where Miss Martian was introduced.

Mr Terrific

Mr. Terrific

Michael Holt is the 3rd smartest man on Earth. Michale Holt aka Mr Terrific has an immeasurable IQ, he is not just smart and gifted but he is extremely special. He learned about Theory of Time and space continuum, also read the works of the Scientists around the world, all when he was just 6. He went on to earn 14 Doctorates and also a Polymath (That is extremely knowledgeable in various fields). He is also a CEO of his own company – Holt Industries.

Michael is extremely intelligent who invented T- Mask which allows him to be invisible from Technology. He also invented T-Spheres, floating robotic spheres which can do multiple functionalities each like projecting the Holographic image, Projecting laser grids, serves as cameras, open electronic locks, allows him to fly and much more. Apart from that, he is a Child Prodigy, Athlete, Martial artist, Multi-linguist and a master strategist.

Some reading and watching recommendations:

Justice League Unlimited – Mr Terrific was a recurring character in this series but you can get a glimpse of his abilities.
Mister Terrific was written by Eric Wallace – This is his solo series which lasted 8 Episodes, which should give you a head start from knowing Mr Terrific.

Mr Miracle


Mister Miracle, the son of Highfather (Who is the leader of New Gods and the ruler of New Genesis). He and Orion (About whom we will discuss in another Blog post), were exchanged as a peace treaty between New Gods and Apokalypse. The nameless boy will be tried to corrupt in the Granny Goodness orphanage (Which is majorly a Brainwash centre to work for Darkseid) where nothing broke the boy.

Later, he would try and escape the Orphanage which would give him the courage to become the World’s greatest escape artist. Initially, named Scott free himself. Later when he joined the circus he will take the mantle of Mister Miracle, when the previous Circus escape artist was murdered. Since Scott Free is the son of Highfather and comes from New genesis he possesses some natural powers like Immortality, Superhuman Strength, speed, stamina, Intellect, agility, reflexes, Energy manipulation, Ressurection, Healing, Space-Time migration, dimensional travel and much more. He is a Master escape artist, Expert combatant and genius intellect.

Some reading recommendations:

Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby – A solo mini-series.
Mister Miracle by Tom King – Latest Solo series which is part of DC Rebirth.

Max Mercury

Max Mercury

Max, the first ever human to become a Speedster also the first person to tap into the Speed Force (An energy source in DC Universe generated by Barry Allen which allows speedsters to run faster and do many other things which physics can’t explain :P)

Max was the messenger from the American Fort and in 1838 the Blackfoot Clan was attacked, when Max reached to his friend in the clan, he invoked ancient magic onto Max giving him to run faster. Max was always curious to know about its origin even though the speed was invoked through magic he always believed something else is there (Speed Force), whenever he tries and taps into speed force he is taken to the future. Thus Max Mercury has so many different names in different timelines and in our era he is what we call Max Mercury.

Max retired from the Superhero scene but during one of the fights with The Reverse Flash, Wally couldn’t beat him and Jay Garrick (The First Flash in DC), asks Max for help and thus Max finds his destiny and mentors Wally West’s Flash and then trains Bart Allen (Barry’s Grandson) to use his powers wisely and also to be a normal human. Max posses all the powers as other Speedsters and he is called as the Zen master of Speed since he is an expert in Speedforce and a great teacher for all speedsters starting from Jay Garrick.

Some reading recommendations

Impulse – Runs in the family by Mark Waid – This gives you a glimpse of Bart Allen and Max Mercury as a Mentor. You can read all Impulse series which will give you a great idea about Max and his mentorship.



Lar Grand, from the Planet Daxam. When a pod crashed in Smallville a boy appeared from that and spoke Krypotnian which allowed the young Clark to assume him as a Kryptonian and Clark named him Mon-El (Well, he landed in Earth on Monday Lol!).

When Kryptonite was exposed Clark suffered but Mon-El. Clark though Mon-El is deliberately trying to be a Kryptonite. He creates a fake Kryptonite meteorite made of lead. When exposed Mon-El suffers and also he regains his memory. Mon-El explains Sups, that he is from the Plante Daxam and unlike Krypton poisoning, Daxam poisoning cannot be reversed. Superboy puts Mon-El into a Phantom Zone (Created by Superman’s father) until a cure was identified.

Superman couldn’t find a cure but in the 30th Century, the Legion of Superheroes release Mon-El. Saturn Girl (About whom we will see in another Blog post) created an antidote serum which will allow Mon-El to be released from the zone which is temporary. Brainiac 5 would go on and create a permanent antidote which will cure Mon-El and he will be accepted as one of the Legionnaires. Some of his powers include Energy Projection, Energy constructs, Matter manipulation, Flight, Recharging, Electromagnetic scanning, Pocket dimension and much more.

Hope, you like the post. To read my previous blog post from this series, Please click here.

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | L for Lightning and others



People who are watching Black Lighting would have come across this character. This post was planned to be an introduction to Lightning before the finale of Season 1, but you know things always doesn’t happen the way we wanted. Jennifer Pierce aka Lightning comes from a Superhero family (Father – Black Lightning, Elder Sister – Thunder).

Until her teenage, she didn’t have any Super-power but later her Meta-gene showed up and activated her powers. Jennifer’s father wanted her to concentrate on her studies not enter into the superhero business but she approached Justice Society of America who was looking for recruits and train them. Since then she has taken part in many adventures to fight against crimes.

Some of her powers include Electrical absorption which allows her to absorb electricity from her immediate surroundings with the electrical field. Electrical discharge, which is that she can project the electrical energy she has absorbed. With her ability to project electrical energy she can also fly which is an added advantage for her.

Some Watching recommendations:

I highly recommend Black Lightning TV Series which is directly out of the comics books and they completely respected the source material without doing much change. You can see the glimpse of Lightning’s powers in this series.



Emily Briggs aka Looker was a highly inferior who thinks that she had bad looks. One day she was kidnapped by the agents of Abyssia (A lost underground colony). Later, she was informed that she is next in line to the governing house. Her grandfather who once was an Abyssian abandoned them and left for the surface world.

They also convinced her that once she is exposed to the rays of the fragment of Halley’s comet she will get a formidable transformation which will give her the power of minds and incredible beauty. Yes, looker is known for her drop dead looks.Emily is also part of a team called Outsiders. This transformation changed Emily a self-centred person. Later when DC decided to revamp every hero’s origin with Flashpoint they changed the origin of Emily.

Some of her powers and abilities include that she is psionic in Nature, which allows her to read other’s minds, communicate mentally and send mental bolts and stun the minds. She is also an immortal. I don’t have much of a reading recommendation for this character.

Hope, you enjoyed reading this post. To read my previous post please click here.

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | K for Karate Kid and Katana

Karate Kid


Val Armorr aka Karate Kid is underrated and considered to be one of the best hand to hand combatants in the entire DC Universe. Val is from the 31st century in the Japanese sector of the United Earth and has mastered all form of Martial arts including weapons across the worlds.

Val Armorr was an orphaned son of a crime lord named Black Dragon who was defeated by The White Crane – A Japanese Superhero, who raised Val as his own and trained him in all forms of Martial arts. Val was also trained in peaceful practices like Meditation, painting and sculpting. Val travelled across various worlds to learn new forms of martial arts and master them. Over time he developed his own style. He is one of the prominent members of Legion of Superheroes. He doesn’t possess any superpower but his fighting abilities itself is considered to be one hell of a meta-human ability.

Some Reading recommendations for you:

Countdown to the Final Crisis by Paul Dini



Remember seeing her in the Suicide Squad movie along with her sword The Soultaker? Yes, she is the one I’m referring to. Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana has a very tragic history losing all the loved ones she held dear. Her parents died at her young age due to some mysterious reasons. Tatsu was raised in Japan and was allowed to follow her interest, Martial Arts. Over time she became a skilled fighter in various forms of Martial Arts.

Tatsu overtime got close with Yamashiro brothers (Maseo, Takeo) and eventually fell in love with Maseo. Takeo didn’t take this well and joined the Yakuza criminal gang. Maseo and Tatsu got married and gave birth to twins. Over years Takeo grew up the ranks in Yakuza and took revenge on his brother and the new family. Maseo was killed in the fight and their home was set on fire. Takeo knocked out Tasu so that he could face Maseo alone in a dual. Losing all her loved ones once again Tatsu donned the mantle of Katana (Her favourite weapon) and avenged the death of her loved ones. Somehow, the Soultaker found its place with Katana which actually took a life of Maseo (her husband). Yes, Takeo had the Soultaker with him.

Some Reading recommendations for you:

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Katana and Deadshot by Brian Buccellato – A six issue mini-series explore the adventures of both these anti-heroes.

Hope, you enjoyed knowing about these two characters. To read my previous posts on this challenge please go here.

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | J for Jonah Hex and others

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex, a Western anti-hero who is not much heard of among the general public. Many comic book fans might not know him. There was a movie released in 2010 where Josh Brolin (Sicario fame) donned the role of this Robinhood type bounty hunter who might seem like a bloodthirsty villain but what does is for the good which serves his morality. He definitely is not a villain per se.

Jonah had an abusive childhood because of his drunkard father. Jonah mother abandoned both. Jonah was sold to Apache American Indians in return for fur pelts. Jonah learnt to track, hunt, fight and all other Survival skills. Jonah was granted freedom after saving the chief of the tribe from Puma (A Large wildcat) but growing up with the tribe he was unable to leave but stayed with them. The Chief once wanted to test Jonah and Noh-Tante (Son of the chief) of their skills and asked them to steal horses from a nearby camp of Kiowa Indians. But Noh-Tante knocked Jonah unconscious and took the stolen horses to the tribe saying the Kiowa Indians killed Jonah.

While Jonah was unconscious, the bounty hunters raided the Kiowa Indians camp. During the firefight, a stray bullet hit Jonah and left him bleeding. He was then fostered by a trapper and brought back to health. Thus the adventure of the bounty hunter begins.

Jonah uses Colt single action revolver with a 7.5-inch barrel and a Tomahawk (A kind of axe used by American Indians), He is an extraordinary combatant.

Some reading recommendations for you:

Jonah Hex movie was poorly made with so much of masala added to it but not completely following the Comics origin story. You can watch the movie at your risk.
Jonah Hex Volume 7 by Justin Gray

Jason Todd (The Red Hood)

Jason Todd

Jason Todd the second Robin after Dick Greyson had a troubled childhood as many. When Jason turned to crime when he was young, Batman took him under his control and trained him to replace Dick Greyson. Jason was not as charming as Dick but he had his skills. Later, in Batman: A Death in the Family (A four-part mini-series) Jason Todd was killed by Joker brutally. When Jason Todd was resurrected (Well, don’t ask how its comics Yo!) he found that Bats did nothing to avenge his death and turned into brutal in his Vigilantism fighting crimes.

To remember his foe, Jason donned Joker’s previous mantle The Red Hood in fighting crimes. Though he is brutal in his attempts Jason still came back into Bat-Family donning the same alias and he had his team called The Outlaws.

I would suggest you watch Batman: Under the Redhood (Animated Movie) to completely understand Jason’s Origin and he donning the Redhood mantle.

One other Character which I chose for this post was:

John Stewart – Part of the Green Lantern Corps who took over as the Guardian of Sector 2814. He was initially selected to be a backup for Hal Jordon Green Lantern along with Guy Gardner.


Hope, you liked the post. To read my previous of this A to Z Challenge, please go here.

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | I for Ice and Invisible Kid



Tora aka Ice, the member of a race of magical Ice people from Norway. When Doctor Rod discovered about them, he introduced Ice to Global Guardians team. Tora is a reserved and a compassionate Superheroine who is often associated with Fire (Her partner with whom she fights crime with)

Her powers include projecting various forms of ice and snow from her hand, she is an accomplished hand to hand combatant, she can also control the weather to a degree. There are no specific reading recommendations, but you can check out Justice League Europe edition for a better understanding.

Invisible Kid

Invisible Kid

Lyle Norg aka Invisible Kid is a member of Legion of Superheroes of the 30th and 31st Century. Lyle is a prodigy in Chemistry and created a serum which enables him to disappear at will. That serum also grants him the power to fly. Well, don’t ask me how it’s a comic book yo!

Some Reading Recommendation for you:

Legion of Superheroes by Mark Waid

To read my previous post, please go to this link.

Please do share your thoughts as comments. Ciao 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | H for Hawkman and Hawkwoman



Carter Hall aka Hawkman is an Ancient incarnation of the Egyptian King Khufu. His body was infused with Ninth Metal which negates gravity and allows him to fly, which also grants him super strength. You must have seen him briefly in “The Flash” Tv series alongside Hawkgirl and they both are part of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow TV Series.

Some powers and abilities of his include, Super strength and flight. He is as powerful as Shazam and Wonder Woman where he can fight toe to toe with them. Although he is powerful he is ruthless at times and he hasn’t used well and multiple confusing re-incarnations lead him to become a minor character.

Some Reading Recommendations:

Hawkman by Geoff Johns – It is a 49 issues long series
Hawkworld by Timothy Truman – A Three-part mini-series explores the origin of Hawkman.



Shayera Thal aka Hawkwoman is considered to be a Romantic partner of Hawkman. But in the golden ages, there were some continuity issues. According to the DC’s Justice League Cartoon, Hawkwoman is from Thanagar just like Hawkman but she thought she was the only one in her world and the whole Thanagar was destroyed. Later, when the series progressed, Hawkman showed up and explained her the truth. In that version, Hawkwoman was one of the founding members of Justice League. Hawkwoman possesses most of the powers like Hawkman except that she is an excellent markswoman.

Some Watching Recommendation:

Watch Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Cartoon Series

Two other characters considered for this post were:

Huntress – I’ve once written a post about her mentioning about she being used less but now that she has become the member of “Birds of Prey” team along with Black Canary, Blackhawk, Dove and Hawk.


Hourman – A weird superpower where Rex Tyler would get powers just for an hour with the miracle drug “Miraclo”


To read my previous post from this Challenge please go to this link.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do share your thoughts. Ciao 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | G for Grifter and Geo-Force



If you have seen Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox you could have come across The Grifter who was part of the Resistance group from England. Even in DC comics Grifter was added into its universe along with few other Superheroes who are part of the Wildstorm Universe.

Cash Cole aka The Grifter was a former Delta Operator for the US Army. He became a Con artist. One fine day he was possessed by Daemonites (An Alien race which could possess the human body and also has the power to shapeshift). After an attempt on Cole, he didn’t go through the complete process but woke prematurely which allowed him to sense the Daemonites and hear their Telepathic communication. Only Grifter could sense the Daemonites and when he got into the process of killing them, he was perceived as a murderer and Terrorist by Daemonites and humans. He now wears a mask and became Grifter.

Some of his Powers and abilities include Psionic (Telekineses and Telepathy), He can heal faster and almost an immortal, he is an excellent Marksmen which makes him most dangerous Meta-Human, also an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant.

Some Reading recommendations:

WildCATS by Jim Lee – This is where Grifter was and still a part of. This series comes from Wildstorm universe which was merged into DC after the Flashpoint.

Grifter and Midnighter by Chuck Dixon – A seven-part Mini-series on two deadliest members of Wildstorm universe.

Geo Force


Brion Markov aka Geoforce is the prince of Markovia, a fictional nation lies between France and Belgium. During one of the attacks on Markovia from a war monger named Baron Bedlam. In the process, Brion’s father was murdered and his elder brother Gregor ascended the Throne. During the war, Dr. Helga Jace gave Superpowers to Brion with her scientific researchers. Geoforce is the founder and member of a team called The Outsiders (A team formed by Batman, Black Lightning, Geoforce, Katana, Metamorpho and Halo. Now the team has grown)

Some of his powers and abilities include Gravity control to lift objects of various sizes, Earth manipulation, allows him to move any form of mineral on a huge scale. He powers were not fully shown hence we don’t know the exact limitations of it, faster healing when has the direct connection with the Earth, Superhuman strength which is compared to the power of Wonder Woman.

Some Reading recommendations for you:

Batman and the Outsiders by Chuck Dixon

This should get you started and help you understand the team outsiders and the powers of Geoforce.

Another character considered for this post was Godiva where she has Meta-human abilities for her hair, which can change shape also allows her to fly.


To read my previous post, please go here.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Do share your thoughts in comments. Ciao 🙂

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A to Z Blogging Challenge | F for Firestorm


FIrestorm DC

People watching The Flash TV Series would have come across this character/s. As you see in the Series Ronnie Raymond and Prof. Stein combine themselves to become Firestorm but in the comics, the twist is Ronnie is high school student and not Caitlin’s husband.

According to the New 52, there are two Firestorms. Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch. Seems, Professor Stein died and gave some instructions to Jason in order to protect Firestorm Protocol. Ronnie and Jason (Two individual Firestorms) could combine and become Fury (Even more powerful).

Firestorm’s Powers and abilities include (Ronnie) Matter Manipulation like Transmuting lead into the gold of equal mass but there ends his limitation. He can also regenerate damaged tissue in his body. Switching Drivers which is Ronnie and Jason each has separate powers and Ronnie has the ability to switch powers of Jason at will. Flight, Energy manipulation and few more. Jason’s powers include Transmutation which allows him to Transmutate both organic and inorganic matter. Energy Blasts, enhanced vision, flight and few more.

Some Reading and Watching Recommendations:

CW’s The Flash Season 1 (Episodes 9 to 14) and Season 2 I(Episodes 1 to 4)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Where Firestorm plays a major role)
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man – It is a Five issue mini-series which introduced Firestorm.
The Fury of Firestorm written by Dan Jurgens

Another Character I considered for this letter is Fire


Beatriz Da Costa aka Fire received her Green Fire from Brazilian Mysticism. She is close friends with Ice (Tora) during their adventures with Team Justice League.

To check out my Previous post on Letter E, please visit here.